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Anyone ever bought from Unfitted?

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Pesephone Wed 31-Oct-12 16:48:58

Am looking at kitchens as we are hoping to buy a new house soon ish. I love the look of free standing kitchen furniture and keep looking at the site Unfitted but am slightly perturbed that they don't show prices unless you register- to which I'm guessing they then bombard you with emails and calls to push a sale. I'm wondering if anyone has used them, if so what are they like as a company, do they harass you. I'm really just at the browsing/fantasising stage as we are miles off of buying a new house just yet, though it is in the pipe line. And how much are they and what is the build quality like. Our current kitchen is horrendous it was cheap as chips from Howdens as the house had no kitchen at all when we moved in and I've been cursing its crappyness ever since. I am obsessive about furniture quality these days and would rather wait and buy quality that tolerate any more wonky doors and mdf.

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