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out2lunch Sun 28-Oct-12 23:34:57

i need a completely new bathroom inc floor and flooring, new ceiling covering and decoratig/half tiled
currently have sep bath and loo with wall between - would like wall knocked down and 1 door blocked off
prev leak prob from shower unit in breeze block column would need to fixed/replaced
also prob new pipes and hot water immersion tank thing - the ones that wear jackets

has anyone had this done or got any clue how much i am about to spend?

thanks smile

JazzAnnNonMouse Mon 29-Oct-12 09:11:22

It completely depends on the finish you want...

ScarletWomanoftheVillage Mon 29-Oct-12 10:27:18

Am just in the process of almost exactly the same thing!

We have had wall knocked down between small loo and bathroom, to make bigger bathroom. The builder's quote for this, including blocking up one window and replacing another, lowering ceiling over shower area to blend loo ceiling with sloping bathroom ceiling, and preparing the walls for tiling, painting etc. was £2320. Think there may be extras as he is also going to board the floor ready for new lino...

Not finished yet, but trying to coordinate with entire new bathroom suite, new shower and adding central heating too!

Then of course you have to add the cost of the tiles, tiler, flooring etc. electrician costs, lights, heated towel trails etc

In my experience so far, everything costs a bit more than you think, and takes a lot longer than you'd think too. Also, when knocking wall down, seems to create dust throughout whole house, so remember to shut doors to other rooms.

Hope this helps.

out2lunch Mon 29-Oct-12 14:09:41

oo thanks scarlet
does that include bath suite or is that just for builders costs?
how long has it taken so far?

jazz - i suppose i want plain white suite but am not keen on plastic baths so may go for steel/iron if that's available.few rows of tiles round the bath and plain painted but replastered walls lino fine for floor

out2lunch Wed 31-Oct-12 18:58:38


scurryfunge Wed 31-Oct-12 19:02:39

We did a total refurbishment of a bathroom a couple of years ago with a bathroom company and it cost £9,000.

Pandam Wed 31-Oct-12 20:37:30

For total re-plaster, re-tile, new shower, new shower enclosure, extractor fan, towel rail. NOT including tiles or new suite: 4,700. Highest quote was 7,000. In south-east.

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