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AnotherTeacherMum Sat 27-Oct-12 11:12:04


Does anyone have any experience of this firm? They have given us a quote which is much lower than the other companies in the area for supply and fit of a new patio door- other companies have said about £1500 and this company has said £750 - £800 (alhtough we did think the other, national companies we got quotes from were VERY dear).

It seems a little too good to be true, although they say on their website they are registered with FENSA.

If anyone knows about them could you let me know?


ClareMarriott Sat 27-Oct-12 17:36:34

Personally , I would steer clear of this firm because although their website says they have been in business for a number of years, there is no listing for them on the companies house register and neither do they appear on the fensa website Did their quote show a VAT reg number on it? Better to go with the more expensive company if they are are ok, rather than have a load of problems

PolterGoose Sat 27-Oct-12 18:11:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnotherTeacherMum Sat 27-Oct-12 20:34:16

Yep -I've looked at the FENSA website too and can't find them. Hmm, starting to look a bit iffy ...

Polter Goose???? Not sure what you mean???????

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