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Help! Waxed my freshly painted furniture and it's gone yellow

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SunnyUpNorth Thu 25-Oct-12 20:21:48

Just painted a bed in Annie Sloan Old White. It is in parts. I waxed three parts no problem with Briwax in clear and then on the fourth piece it looked really streaky and yellow. I assumed it would soak in and wasn't concerned. Did another piece and the same thing happened so I stopped to see if it would soak in by the next day.

That was yesterday, it's still horrid and yellow. I used a clean old tea towel to rub it in. I've also used this wax before (same tin) on other pieces with no problems.

I've tried rubbing it in some more with a clean cloth, again no improvement.

How do I fix this? Is the only option to sand it back as re-paint? I will still need to wax the remaining parts but will I need to buy a different wax?


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