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Howdens vs Magnet

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Anomaly Tue 23-Oct-12 21:09:58

We're having a new kitchen and I was wondering which of these two companies people thought was best. Design wise they're both good although Magnet seems to have a few fancier bits. Would appreciate hearing other people's experiences. TIA

thereinmadnesslies Tue 23-Oct-12 21:12:06

Can't do a comparison but we are happy with our magnet kitchen. 3 yrs on it still looks like new.
Don't accept their first price mind - with a little bit of haggling we ended up paying just under half of the original quote.

PigletJohn Tue 23-Oct-12 23:10:04

I don't think there's anything in it. Have a good look and find the one you like best.

From both suppliers, the only door I liked for my own house was Caldo Walnut at Magnet. If the only one had been at Howden's, I'd have gone there. Howdens is said to be a more reliable supplier.

You need someone with a trade account at both, Magnet will sell them to you at retail price which is much higher, despite there constant sales and offers.

PoppyScarer Tue 23-Oct-12 23:12:56

We had a Howden's kitchen at home when I was growing up and it always seemed good. We also had one put in at our last house and I was happy enough with it.

I wouldn't necessarily go there for a top-end kitchen but my Dad always goes through trade and swears by them.

ExitPursuedByAaaaaarGhoul Tue 23-Oct-12 23:13:44

I have heard good things about Howden.

Magnet were lacking in imagination when they quoted for my kitchen.

anniewoo Tue 23-Oct-12 23:14:51

Our Magnet kitchen is still looking good 10 years on but their afyer sales service was atrocious. Would mever use them again

oscarwilde Wed 24-Oct-12 15:29:09

Hmm - thought they were made by the same company? Our local Howdens has Magnet stuff on display in the next door showroom

busta222 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:30:47

the problem with magnet is that they have trade and retail (showroom) kitchens, the bigger problem is that a high percentage are the same range, just named differently as some people won't buy a trade kitchen.
take the Tatton range in the showroom, advertised in magnet (all this for £3k), but in the trade side its called chilton and about £800 cheaper, figure that!!
a lot of magnet ranges are like this ,they're just after more profit, their head office customer service is appalling and a lot of showroom designers aren't much better, once they have your deposit, that's it, they won't want to know you when things go wrong, and believe me, they will.
the best thing for you is if you DO want a magnet kitchen, is either find a friend who has an account, or, open an account and put yourself down as a private landlord.
howdens keep more stock than magnet, but their sales period is in october, so stock will be low, therefor if you order one from there, chances are a lot maybe missing.
but they are a good quilty unit, as are magnet.
i know all this as i have worked at both magnet and howdens.
my advise.
find a good local run kitchen supplier who deal with Keller (a dutch firm), you won't go wrong and you'll get what you pay for.
hope this helps

vj32 Wed 31-Oct-12 20:31:34

I had a Magnet person quote for our kitchen. But she wouldn't listen to what I wanted at all, and said it was her design so she would do what she wanted. Unsurprisingly we didn't buy from them.

TeaTeaLotsOfTea Wed 31-Oct-12 21:04:36

If you know someone in the trade go to Stax. They're basically howdens at trade prices

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