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Lavastone worktops...

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Pannacotta Tue 23-Oct-12 17:22:16

I popped into Fired Earth earlier today and saw a worktop which I really liked.
it looked very similar to slate, ie a plain, matt finish, they describe it as Lavastone.

I was planning on using real slate but quite like the idea of something a bit lower maintenance, with the same look, ie slightly old/tarnished and not too new/shiny.

Does anyone know anything about this or have such a worktop? Is it just another trade name for quartz?


staverton Thu 25-Oct-12 22:04:20

Hi Pannacotta
How are you??
Have been posting under a diff name for a bit.
I think lavastone is quartz. there are loads of diff quartz - silestone and caesarstone being the most expesive. harvey jones quoted us 5k for silestone worktops. We got lunastone for 2k and it looks fantastic!

Pannacotta Thu 25-Oct-12 22:14:01

HI Staverton
Was just thinking about you the other day as hadnt seen you on the Property board for a while.
So is your kitchen in now? How exciting! WHat is lunastone?
NOt sure lavastone is quite the same as quartz, having done some google reasearch, it looks a bit tarnished, the dark F Esarth one looked great but cannot find a supplier on-line other than F Earth.
Be good to hear about your kitchen, ours is still in the planning stages - hollow laugh!!

staverton Sat 27-Oct-12 00:19:48

Sorry brief reply only- been meaning to reply all day. Have a 6 week old...zzzz
We are in house finally and kitchen looks amazing!! Harvey jones talking about using it in their promotional leaflet. We still need to add colour pops and pictures etc. it's LG French grey, we'll add orange accents. Have stupidly expensive extractor and generally have spent too much but it looks ace!
Any decisions on yours?
Bathroom is elephants breath cupboards and skimming stone walls with Matt white metro tiles.
Trying to decide in living room colour and accent colour. We've got whitewashed wooden floors and has an open doorway to kitchen so we'll prob go for LG french Greg again hit maybe mid or pale with olive green cushions etc

staverton Sat 27-Oct-12 00:20:15

I will ask re lava stone next time i go to FE should be going in week

Pannacotta Sun 28-Oct-12 14:55:15

Hello again staverton and Cogratulations! I didnt know you were pregnant when we last posted.
You must be knackered, new baby and lots of buidling work....

Your kitchen and bathroom sound lovely, great colours...
Btw F Earth Oak Apple is a good neutral part green, part grey and would look lovely with some olive green cushions, its on my shortlist for our living room.

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