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TAPS! (I know, exciting!) Please help/offer advice - a single 'hole' mixer for the bath.

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MandaHugNKiss Sun 21-Oct-12 20:41:58

So, in the bathroom we're about to rip out (which is tiny - to buy floor tiles, I need 2sqm) there is currently a double ended bath; the taps are the side you'd get in the bath (so not against the wall) which mean they're in the way when it comes to getting in and out (I bruise easily and foresee many bruises) and when it comes to bathing toddler and baby...

Apparently our options are limited when it comes to moving them: putting them into the wall (extra expense to do and if there's a problem difficult to access/more expense again). They can't go either end of the bath because the ledge is set into the wall (could be overcome by getting a smaller bath, perhaps... but I'm 5' 7" and like my body parts under the water as much as possible...). They CAN go on the corner (so the plumber tells DF). DF says he said it'll have to be a single lever mixer jobber.

Now, I've looked and looked online and either I'm trying to find a mythical set of taps that don't exist, or else perhaps it's possible to use the mixer taps you'd use for a basin?

like this one that I've actually just purchased

Any ideas what the plumber is talking about? Do any of you have a set of bath taps that only use one 'hole' in the bath (so could go in the corner).

TheUniversalsHere Sun 21-Oct-12 20:59:34

No you need a mono bath filler like this one

I think that basin tap will take way too long to fill the bath.

FishfingersAreOK Sun 21-Oct-12 21:08:26

You could also get the same as ^ by Twford which the spout swivels so you can get it out of the way when are in the bath...

But probably what you need a bath overflow filler is just one - but there are others. So out of the way, no bruises.

MandaHugNKiss Sun 21-Oct-12 21:57:53

Well, I bought the tap for the basin but it did make me wonder...

So, I finally see what he was talking about - thanks TUIH!

But... Oooooh, I'm loving that water comes out of the overflow thingy, fishfingers! THing is, I can't seem to work out if you need to fit taps. DO you have that yourself (or know someone that does)?

FishfingersAreOK Sun 21-Oct-12 22:04:44

Oh crikey - no idea....only know about them as my builder mentioned them as an option for our double ended bath. Think you can get some with "taps" as it were and others which are the tap too -like the one in the link. Am guessing is just like fitting any other tap blush <revealing total lack of DIY skills...

TheUniversalsHere Sun 21-Oct-12 22:05:17

Here are a couple more bath overflow fillers from that website...
I'd book a plumber when you're ready to install!

PigletJohn Sun 21-Oct-12 22:15:57

have you got a combi boiler? Is the bathroom cold water at a higher pressure than the bathroom hot water?

tell me again why you can't just have an ordinary mixer or pair of taps.

You can have taps that are mounted on the wall with a spout that comes out over the bath. for example or some Edwardian styles

Bristan taps are good quality, and not all of them are very expensive.

MandaHugNKiss Sun 21-Oct-12 23:56:35

fishfingers you raise my hopes and then... well, not quite dash them, but leave them hanging uncertainly in the air. How could you? grin I've had DF text the plumber to find out if he is familiar with these things so hopefully I will find out if they are a possibility of no soon

TUIS Ta very much. I'm definitely liking them. I prefer an uncluttered look so they really appeal.

pigletjohn Is it a bit stalkerish to say I hope I'd see you here? grin

Right, so, no it's not a combi. It's a storage tank in the downstairs utility room/airing cupboard. The cold water tank is in the loft. That's the extent of my knowledge so far when it comes to knowing what we've got and how it works confused I will no doubt pick up stuff as I go along - I've lived in flats my whole life and this'll be my first house <fanfare>

Emphasis on will be as we're literally gutting it and replacing the bathroom/kitchen/utility, new flooring and decorating before we even contemplate moving in <clings to my flat>

floorplan to give you an idea of size and a picture into the bathroom from top of stairs

See? 'Tis pokey, and covered floor to ceiling in tiles...

So. The bath is on the left. The plumber said we could mount them into the wall but this would be more expensive I think the general gist was it would be a pain in the arse too and as this is NOT our forever home we want things to be lovely but not all out high spec beautiful, y'know? and if anything went wrong with them then a pain/more expense to sort out. I don't know if that's true and he was saying it to put us off cos it'll be a pain in his arse to do? (he is a friend of DF's. Several people seem to think the price he's given us is a good one).

The bath is a 1700 and for some reason set into the walls in such a way that you lose the little bit of edging around the average bath. So, on first look, the taps can go where they are, or in the wall. But I didn't take that laying down and started thinking. And hit upon the corner being utilised. So DF put it to plumer and he says 'oh, yeah, you can do that - you just need a (now realise it's a mono bath filler)'. Oh, directly to the left a power shower thing comes straight out of the wall. PLumber says it's 'top of the range', got the best pump, nothing wrong with it and we should keep it - so we are.

I've never had a double ended bath before and I'd only been in the room once briefly when I was told we were keeping the shower. Given the size of the room I started thinking about screen vs curtain and settled on a outasight elite and promptly bought it. Next time I went into the room I thought 'Oh, crap. I did not realise the taps were there and they are totally in the way.' They have to move!

Next 'problem' for me to solve is deciding on tiles. <whimpers> Plumber reckons 15sqm are needed for the walls (i want the side of the bath tiled too) and 2 for the floor... 15 seems a lot to me for such a small room but what do I know? (not much when I buy a shower curtain solution that turns out to be a problem... wink)

Wow. I can ramble. Apologies to those I've sent to sleep (although if you're insomniac: you're welcome! I have much more of this up my sleeve!)

PigletJohn Mon 22-Oct-12 01:59:50

if you insist on tiling the bath panel (the tiles will probably fall off) remember that the bath panel will have to be removed from time to time to get at the taps, or the bath waste, or the overflow (they often leak). If you have it made in WBP ply amd fixed with big stainless screws (not, please, glued in with silicone) it will be moderately easy to remove.

If you have a tap on the far side of the bath, you will have to remove either the bath, or the wall, to get at the taps, unless you have arms four feet long with two-foot fingers. You will find this inconvenient and may end up tolerating a leak for weeks or months until you have to face up to it.

You have not got high-pressure hot water, so lots of the flashy stylish modern taps will have narrow internal waterways and will constrict the flow. Sturdy, old-fashioned British taps will fill the bath faster, and they are also more reliable and longer-lasting than ceramic taps. Yes, wall-taps will be more trouble and if you accidentally fall on them or use them as a handle they will come loose.

If you are in London, then the cold tap in the bath is probably also fed from the loft tank, but it varies in other parts. If it is high-pressure from the mains, mixer taps will be unsuccessful.

MandaHugNKiss Mon 22-Oct-12 09:04:18

Wait, you ARE an insomniac PJ <notes time of post> yet... I didn't send you to sleep?!

Yeah, I really don't want them in the wall anyway - still 'in the way' and I foresee I will knock into them at some point, plus the point you make about them being used for a handle is a good one that I would envision happening too.

So, I think the corner may be the way to go.

I take what you say about needing to access via the bath panel even though I've been in my flat for 17 years and never needed to do it. Sods law I'll tile it in an attempt to like this room that is proving to be my nemesis and spring a leak straight away...

Yes, we're in London so, fingers crossed, a mixer in the corner will be the compromise that'll work.


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