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Bats in the chimney

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Rhubarbgarden Sun 21-Oct-12 01:11:48

I think we may have bats in the chimney. smile

How do I find out for sure? The chimney is blocked up and we have no intention of using it; I'd just like to know one way or another. I know they are a protected species and you have to be careful not to disturb them.

Wingedharpy Sun 21-Oct-12 04:39:23

Have a look on the Bat Conservation Trust website.
It gives lots of info regarding the sort of things to look for and what to do about them.

betterwhenthesunshines Sun 21-Oct-12 11:39:48

Just been through this with bats in the attic while we are doing building works!

Can you see any droppings? If you can then roll them in kitchen paper between your fingers. If they are bat droppings they will crumble.

Bat Conservation Trust will send out a volunteer to take a look for you and confirm. If you plan on doing anything to the chimney that will disturb the bats you will need a more thorough report done by an ecologist, but just for confirmation / your own interest the volunteer visit should be sufficient.

Rhubarbgarden Sun 21-Oct-12 11:51:14

Thanks. There's nothing to see, no droppings or anything. I just heard a burst of chattering the other day when it was quiet in the kitchen {rare event}. It was nothing like mice or birds, and I'm sure I've heard something similar on wildlife documentaries about bats. It sounded like one of them had elbowed another in the eye or something, and the other one scolded it and then the others around said "hey hey some of us are trying to sleep" and then the disgruntled chuntering was over as suddenly as it had begun.

I do hope it is bats. I love bats.

frostyfingers Mon 22-Oct-12 10:57:29

If I were you you should be hoping it isn't bats! To have them in your house can be an utter nightmare and their needs will take priority over any you may have. You can't disturb them in anyway, and any bat survey costs a fortune, and it's your responsibility to pay for it.

In our last house which was reasonably "new" (15 yrs old) they'd taken up residence between the barge boarding/roof in the eaves by the bedroom and were an absolute menace - the smell of bat wee on a warm night is not good, and the rustling about can be very disturbing. Bat shit and wee on the front step all summer was also pretty grim - I had to wash it every day....

Amazingly when we sold the buyer's surveyor didn't pick up on them being there, and I'm afraid we didn't volunteer the information (although had they asked I would have said they were there). I didn't/wouldn't do anything to disturb them, but it was a pain having to clear up after them all the time.

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