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Anglian windows?

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FraterculaArctica Sat 20-Oct-12 18:31:34

Has anyone used Anglian windows for double glazing? Had a salesman come and quote this morning, predictably pushy. Would be interested to know anyone's opinions of them who went ahead. Thanks.

5madthings Sat 20-Oct-12 18:34:20

We had a quote from.them and thought about it but got a recomendation of a smaller local.firm from friends who were.much nicer, not pushy and much much cheaper!

They hideously overcharge and i dont know anyone who has used them and been happy.

UsingAPsuedonym Sat 20-Oct-12 18:37:35

Unbelievably pushy which I didn't like and when talking to locals. I found them to be overpriced to so I would avoid Them
! I'd love to be able to get a quote ky replace my front door without a salesperson having to come around each time!

LunaticFringe Sat 20-Oct-12 18:44:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FraterculaArctica Sat 20-Oct-12 20:51:26

Thanks very much, I've taken your comments on board and emailed a local firm for a quote too! Was tempted to go with AW as it's so much hassle getting several companies round to quote (not at home during the day), but at least I know exactly what I want now.

oldbootface Sat 20-Oct-12 21:04:14

Used them twice (in previous house and present one). Very pleased with the results. First salesman not pushy, second salesman very much so. However, I knew what I wanted and what I was willing to pay so we got there in the end smile

lisad123 Sat 20-Oct-12 21:06:45

We had conservatory built ten years ago. They were good, but the builder they sent was awful and he wouldn't turn up, swearing and did it wrong. I complained and they fired him and he turned up and have me loads of abuse sad
After that they were great.

FraterculaArctica Sat 20-Oct-12 21:13:23

Good to hear from people who have found them OK too - OBF as you say, if you know what you want that makes it easier!

PolterGoose Sun 21-Oct-12 13:25:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pendeen Sun 21-Oct-12 16:36:52


Just to mention - make sure whichever firm you select that they are FENSA registered (or other approved self-certifying scheme) as any replacement windows and most replacement (external) doors are subject to the Building Regulations.

2madboys Sun 21-Oct-12 16:38:57

Anglian Windows are the reason why we registered with the Telephone Preference Service ...

TiAAAAARGHo Sun 21-Oct-12 16:50:40

I got a new patio door from them this year. Very happy with both service and result. Salesman was not pushy though - he just explained everything clearly (and it helped that we had a very solid idea of what we wanted from the off). I do need to tell them to take me off their list for 'follow up calls' though - they call once a month to ask if all is ok and do I need anything else.

FraterculaArctica Tue 23-Oct-12 20:15:30

Thanks Pendeen and others. Have now had quote from local firm, approx half the cost of AW and they can do it sooner so I think we will be going with them!

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