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Sevenoaks help needed surrounding area need the lowdown

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TheSerene Fri 19-Oct-12 06:44:48

Anyone know the area really well? My mnet local isn't working or maybe it's because of the changes

We are relocating to Sevenoaks and apart from a visit on a Saturday i dont know the area but like the general feel for family life and close to london just have to find a area house and school

Dh needs the station that he will cycle to 10 mins max ( no car ) and ideally a walk to school for primary for younger and Knole academy for 13 yr old

Don't want to move ever again it's a nightmare when moving from a distance

Really want to organised and plan out what we do when we visit again in three weeks time


TheSerene Fri 19-Oct-12 13:01:48

Bumping thank you

ClareMarriott Fri 19-Oct-12 17:36:43

If you type in living in sevenoaks into Google and look at that seems to give a good outline of what Sevenoaks has to offer

cavell Fri 19-Oct-12 20:04:48

I live near Sevenoaks. If you have any specific questions, I will try to help.
In general terms, though, houses are cheaper in the surrounding villages than in Sevenoaks town. But then agin, public transport isn't great if you don't have a car to get around.
What is your budget? What kind of house are you envisaging - terraced, semi, detached?
How old is your younger child? Do you already have a school place sorted?

BooToYouToo Sat 20-Oct-12 14:33:10

I live in Sevenoaks. If you want to be walking distance to Knole Academy then look at either Sevenoaks Primary or Riverhead Infants/Amherst Junior schools for the younger DC. Both are very popular so you would need to leave close by to get a place. Due to rising birth rates, Sevenoaks Primary is expanding.

Suggest you decide which school you like and look around for property. Bradbourne Lakes area is near Sevenoaks primary and consists of mainly 1930's semis. Further up from that is the St.Johns Hill area which has more Edwardian style homes.

In Riverhead you get a mixture of styles. The Chesterfield Drive Estate is popular but can be on the edge of the catchment area.

Sevenoaks has a great mixture of restaurants and small independent shops as well as chains such as Gap for Kids, Monsoon, Phase Eight. A new M&S is being built soon (at the moment we have just M&S food). Also Bluewater is only 20 mins away down the M25 - think there is a bus service if you don't drive.

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