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ARGH! Just when I though we had a room locked down... HELP! (flooring)

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MandaHugNKiss Wed 17-Oct-12 19:16:20

Quick background: lived in flats all my life (38 years... my birthday may be next month, but it's still only 38 years...)

We completed on my first house at the end of september (not DF's first). It's an absolute crap-tip, needing a lot of work.

Gutting has begun - the kitchen and utility all ripped out, rooms replastered.

Re: flooring I'd 'decided' on solid wood throughout the whole of the ground floor. Wanted walnut but settled for walnut oak (because it's definitely not our forever home and so whilst I want to love it I don't want to spend top whack everywhere to adore it all, knowing we're selling it a few years down the line).

Interesting when we pulled up the flooring in the hallway - slate flagstones. DF spent many hours smashing them up. Lo, it's the same story in the conservatory (they're still in situ... but going).

Anyway, DF gets his friend along today who is going to fit the floor for us. Tells him how the hall will have to be floating on a timber frame, fine, flagstones in the conservatory gotta come up (yeah, we know), ply will have to go down throughout (okay...)

Then DF breaks it to me that I can't have the wood in the kitchen. Or, that, I can but it will be a long expensive pain the butt and will I just choose some tiles.


I almost put the order in today for the kitchen (cream handle less gloss) which I choose with the vision of my oak stain walnut floor in. I still haven't even chosen tiles for the wall and now I have to pick some for the blimming floor?

I have... a blank. I'm also being harrassed to pick bathroom stuff (suite/furniure/tiles) and it's all getting too much!

So, cream gloss handle less. Worktops are more than likely this - it has tiny flecks of mirror in it too that you can't see from this picture We've got a contact at compac so it'll definitely be with them (of course, now the floor is gonna change I'm doubting my worktop choice too sad ). Wall tiles as yet undecided... but walls probably elephants breath.

What floor?!

Maybe I'll just stay in my little flat forever...

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