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So we found a house. Please hold my hand.

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ComeAlongPond Wed 17-Oct-12 16:22:51

So we've been looking so long that our mortgage offer expired. We've reapplied and should hear back by Monday but there's no reason why it would be different to before - better if anything, because our income has actually improved over that time. But we technically don't have it at the moment.

Anyway, we've found a house!!! It's great. It's not beautiful, but it's great. It's on with three agents though - one of whom we know and trust (they sold our house and have been doing a top job of helping us look), the others we do not. So we've told the agent that we are going to make an offer, we are just waiting to have our ducks in a row and hear back from the mortgage people to be sure we can make the offer, as we don't want to mess people around. We're in rented on a rolling contract, so we can move immediately. If need be, we'd go to asking price. (Assuming nothing weird happens with the mortgage... there's no reason to expect they won't just say 'yes, you can still have the mortgage offer that was in place last week...)

We just have to wait for the bank to confirm the mortgage again. But we suspect another offer has been made on it to a different agent (our agent is looking into it). It might be okay - we can go to asking and can move immediately, and our mortgage should be in place asap. It just depends on the other vendors.

I really want this house. We've had so many fall through and this is empty so we could, just about, be in by Christmas if they chose us. We've had a shitty, shitty two years with jobs and houses etc etc and things are just on the up - if we got this house it would be a brilliant end to the year and a real fresh start.

It's so stressful - more stressful than selling was, as that went relatively smoothly and quickly for us (luckily!). I can hardly bear it. I wish I had a pocket Kirsty and Phil to just get us the house.

Keep everything crossed for us...

ClareMarriott Wed 17-Oct-12 18:41:45

I've had to read your post several times as you say one of the three agents acting for the vendor of the house you want to buy is known to you as he arranged the sale of your house - you are now renting.

Before discussing any offer you want to make on the house with him , remember he is now acting for the vendor, not you . If you get your mortgage offer through and do put in an offer, he will go back to the vendor ( his client ) to see if it is acceptable. Sorry to sound like a damp squib but remember who are the various parties in the transaction are and who each is working for.

Flossiechops Wed 17-Oct-12 19:16:18

Ah good luck! We sold and bought through the same agent too on our current house. When the vendors reduced we were the first to know as the agents knew we were really interested. It's nail biting, nerve racking stuff which, as you've found out it beyond stressful. We had an offer accepted in October and moved in on dec 19th grin keep us updated!

tedglenn Wed 17-Oct-12 20:01:09

Good luck Pond! I remember your last thread about how frustrated you were about being unable to find a house, so this is fab news!

However, not to put a dampner on things, we (sold and in rented) have just reapplied for a mortgage as our 'in principle' had expired, and DH got it this morning and the amount they would lend us has dropped by 60K (with no change in circumstances).

ComeAlongPond Thu 18-Oct-12 11:18:04

Oh yes Clare - our thinking is more that we're familiar with them so it's just a bit easier. And really, getting a house is more important than getting the best deal, at this point - and that estate agent does a scheme where if they sell your house and sell you another one, the agent gets double commission, so hopefully they'll encourage the vendor to sell to us even if we have to pay a bit more! And it's under budget and we'd happily pay the asking price so hopefully that will all work in our favour. We'll see. So far all that's happened is that the vendor has been told we are going to make an offer so if they get another one, tell us.

Thanks Flossie! Glad it went well for you.

Thank you Ted. If this doesn't come off I'll be so disappointed. Partly why I'm not bothered about getting the best deal etc - I'd rather just say to the vendor "This is our position, this is our best offer and it's the asking price, say yes or say no but say it quickly and don't fuck about." Doesn't really work like that, though... Though I know they want to sell quickly and we can move very fast, and will offer asking price if need be, so really it would be sensible of them to pick us... That's assuming the mortgage comes through, of course. So sorry to hear they took 60k off yours for no reason sad Did they say why? Just silly bank reasons? That seems very unfair.

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