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What colour/style splashback please?

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FishfingersAreOK Tue 16-Oct-12 20:32:57

OK. Big decision to be made. And I am terrified. Please hold my hand and help me. (A bit long sorry)

Nearly at the finish line. Tis just a 1930s semi - but 6 months of gutting is and we are nearly there. Opened up downstairs to big L shaped kitchen/dining/family room. Beautiful black cast iron range delivered. Smoked Oak floor due to be laid. Walls going to be painted white. White shaker style kitchen. Black granite surface. Dining table and dresser are a light oak with soft yellow (called antique gold) upholstered chairs. (I did a colour match before they were put in storage and the nearest colour I found was F&B Ciara Yellow. Next to the table they look almost the same colour IYSWIM - so not as random as first sounds)

Range is to be the focal point of the whole space - it set within the chimney breast which is to have a simple mantle over it and extractor hidden within. Chimney breast. Which needs a splashback.

Have toyed with the idea of glass but do not think it is right for the "modern traditional" look I think we will end up with. So am thinking tiles. Not keen on the idea of metro tiles as think will look dated v quickly. But I may be wrong. Am tempted to keep it light as in a darkish corner of the room and need to reflect as much light as possible. Also plan is to zing stuff up with some accessories (sage green, muted blue perhaps?)

And then. Well inspiration stops. HELP please.

Links below


Dining Chairs

Sorry is so long. Please pity me and help anyway grin

legoqueen Tue 16-Oct-12 22:02:15

Hi, we are going something similar but in a Victorian house. Units mussel (- a greyish cream), slate floor & black granite worktops. Our range cooker will also be the focal point within a huge fireplace cavity. After much deliberation, we have gone for a mixture of coloured field tiles from the Winchester Tile Company. These really have the wow factor, are glamorous but less modern than the glass splash backs. Sorry, no link but recommend checking them out. There are some great colour combinations.

FishfingersAreOK Wed 17-Oct-12 12:15:53

Oh those are lovely. Feel a trip to Fired Earth coming on....may get some inspiration there too.

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