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Free loft insulation cold call

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lookout Fri 12-Oct-12 18:08:54

Have had loads of calls saying we are entitled to free loft insulation. Are these for real? Is it a scam? Just ended up giving details over the phone anda surveyor is apparently going to contact me to come and visit the house to see if we are indeed eligible. Not sure whether to trust or not?

PigletJohn Fri 12-Oct-12 18:47:13

there is a government subsidy and various people are trying to cash in on it. I don't trust cold-callers. You can get it free through a reputable company such as your electricity or gas supplier. Look on their website. If you are on benefits you may get a cash payment as well.

If by any chance your supplier does not offer it, check the websites for British (or Scottish) Gas and Southern (or Scotish Hydro) Electric, or SWALEC, depending where you are. You don't even have to be their customer.

Try to get loft, cavity walls, water tanks and pipes done for free in the same deal.

lookout Fri 12-Oct-12 18:57:09

Thanks. I don't trust them either. Will have a look into it, we are with npower so will check their website. Thanks again.

PigletJohn Fri 12-Oct-12 19:20:06

some of the offers seem to have disappeared since I last looked. Perhaps they have used up their budget for the year.

It is still offered by British Gas and you don't need to be a customer.


" Because for the first time, absolutely anyone can apply for our free insulation - even if you’re not a British Gas customer. It’s worth £1000, including materials and labour and, could save you hundreds of pounds each year. But don’t hang about, this free offer ends on 30th November."

sabbatica Fri 12-Oct-12 19:40:38

It's real - British gas have just been to inspect my property which took an hour and we are scheduled for free insulation to be installed in two weeks time. They can provide free insulation (with no need to be a customer of theirs and no catch) for cavity walls (if your property is post 1920) and the loft.

There is a number to call on all energy providers website, doesn't need to be British gas. Just google their brand and free insulation.

Good luck.

lookout Fri 12-Oct-12 19:42:21

Thanks all smile

sabbatica Fri 12-Oct-12 19:44:16

They've given us 85sqm free...not bad!

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