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wood chip wallpaper- how horrible is it to remove?

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pippala Fri 12-Oct-12 01:32:08

Yeh we tendered on a complete do upper and won the tender!
We hope to complete in four weeks.
The WHOLE house is covered in painted wood chip.
We have budgetted to have the whole house replastered but in the meantime we as in I have to remove the wood chip.
I intend to hire a wallpaper steamer but can anyone give me some tips?
Is wood chip really that much of a bitch to remove?

ogredownstairs Mon 15-Oct-12 19:28:34

Er, if you can possibly afford it I would pay someone to do it. We did and it was worth every penny.

Ymergyn Fri 10-Apr-15 19:08:29

Google a product called 'Simple Strip'. After days of scrapping tiny shards off the wall, gave this a go, and the woodchip paper came down in sheets. Not cheap, but what price for sanity!

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