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Getting ready to fight for our damage deposit - what do I need to know

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Climbingpenguin Wed 10-Oct-12 15:49:18

We're about to hand over our flat (19th) and the landlady has already mentioned she's not happy with the paint and if it needs re-doing she will take it out of our deposit.

It is a 2 bed flat that was rented to two adults, one toddler and one baby for 14 months. It has storage heaters, no sun, laminate flooring and a heat sink due to balcony above us. We have suffered from quite bad condensation issues despite our best efforts. Landlady previously lived there and said it was never an issue before. It could be true but the flat went from 1 person to 4 people and I just don't think the flat can sustain that amount of people. Also there is no room for a tumble drier, no washing lines outside and we're not even allowed to have washing out in the communal gardens any (cue evil looks from elderly neighbours when I did sneak an airer out when it was sunny). We have cleared up a lot of danage but the there is mold marks around the front door and a what I would say is just a few here and there. We reported the problem just a few weeks into the tenancy so she has been aware of it. My understanding is we'll probably be liable to pay for any damage due to mold. (even though in the first week our wooden utensils went moldy if stored in the kitchen drawers before we even the weather started to cool and we saw the condensation).

She has also mentioned scuff marks, most likely due to buggy but I feel this is part of normal wear and tear when you rent to a family with young children (I was 8 months pg when we moved in and she was aware of this prior to the let agreement).

We have always felt that she will want the place returned pristine and not make allowances for normal wear and tear throughout the place.

Guess I'm after some resources to help work out what will be reasonable deductions to the deposit and what will be able to contest.

The initial contract also stated the place should be professionally cleaned on departure and the carpets (very old, worn and already stained) professional cleaned. We had planned to clean the place ourselves (as tbh the initial cleaning wasn't all that) and clean the carpets ourselves as well but do we have to pay for the professionals anyway?

(sorry, very long winded I know)

Climbingpenguin Wed 10-Oct-12 15:50:36

also she has been in the place twice very recently with no mention. The place, as it has been summer, has not deterioration in that time but new hardline seems to be due to feedback from viewers. Although before the viewers the agent had recommended to her she got the front door porch area repainted.

smalltown Wed 10-Oct-12 16:50:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Climbingpenguin Thu 11-Oct-12 12:42:29

can't seem to find it, but have requested another copy

will try homebase this afternoon for that, thanks.

She is asking well over the odds in rent and I think has completely unrealistic expections. A bigger flat in the same complex is advertied a £100 cheaper, as was another one recently (we considered moving there ourselves).

Most of the mold has come off, just a few area's left but I know if the paintwork isn't pristine she will want to charge for a repaint. Her perception of the flat is different to reality.

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