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Paint! And the moral of the story is...

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MandaHugNKiss Tue 09-Oct-12 14:57:17

So, I've just seen a heads up that apparently Dulux 5L Brilliant white (emulsion and silk) will be reduced to £5 this week (no idea if this is true... don't shot the messenger if it isn't!)

As I have a whole 4 bed house to decorate (once we finish gutting it, then put in the kitchen/utility/bathroom and floor) I thought 'oooh, great' as several rooms are also going to be replastered so will need white washing and I figured it might also work as an undercoat elsewhere being as the colour schemes I'm swaying towards are bland pale.

However. Then I see this: (apologies for the Fail link...)

Dulux Brilliant White turns yellow thanks to those pesky meddlers in the EU

Now. I'm thinking, if it does go on offer (and it's darn good price if it does) does this mean I'm better off not buying the paint for the jobs I've outlined? I mean, I don't want brilliant white on my walls (or anywhere really). But I don't want to end up with a mournful face like the lady in the editorial (and I will be careful not to follow her lead and definitely not repaint my woodwork in my jumper with no dust sheets to protect the carpet shock). And more importantly will the yellowing of the white effect the final colour of what I paint over the top (which is shaping up to be F&B).

What I'm saying is, should I just suck it up and buy a bloody expensive undercoat too and stop trying to save pennies where ever I can considering the size of the project cut corners?

(also, though, won't the EU directive effect all similar products?)

Actually, I may end up with a mournful face anyway if I have to buy expensive undercoat too!

Better start practising now...

redlac Tue 09-Oct-12 15:01:59

Because of the EU all gloss will turn yellow - some in a matter of months. No amount of undercoat will solve this

As far as I know emulsion is okay it's gloss/eggshell etc that yellows

Sorry if this this wrong but I have switched off fom my painter & decorator husband moaning about this

MandaHugNKiss Tue 09-Oct-12 15:14:22

So perhaps it's just a problem with the 'silk' rather than the emulsion.

As I don't instead to gloss anywhere this is good news!

redlac Tue 09-Oct-12 15:18:08

As far as I know it just oil based paints so your emulsion will be fine

pud1 Tue 09-Oct-12 15:21:39

Does that mean my dulux quick drying gloss will turn yellow. It isn't oil based. I used b and q own last time and it went yellow within months. Have just paid for it all to be done. Will be fuming if it turns yellow

Ps I know you have not asked but I can't recoment dulux endurance enough. I wipes down really well

starfishmummy Tue 09-Oct-12 15:22:28

Thishas been going on for a while and I thought they had changed the formula again so it stays white longer? But that's the gloss anyway, not the emulsion.

MandaHugNKiss Tue 09-Oct-12 15:27:04

Hurrah! So I just have to hope the offer does happen now... (supposedly at Wilkinsons in case anyone else is interested in nabbing some although as I say this is 'second hand' info)

PigletJohn Tue 09-Oct-12 17:44:00

matt white emulsion is usually quite cheap. It is useful when you have a lot of decorating to do, you can apply it, thinned with water, to seal absorbent new plaster, and it gives a surface that is even in colour, texture and absorbency so you can more easily decorate over it in a colour should you wish.

The other thing is that once you have painted the wall, it will highlight any remaining blemishes so you can smooth and repaint them rather than having to do it after your final finish.

BTW never put PVA on anything that you hope one day to paint.

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