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Best range cooker?

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LittleMilla Sun 07-Oct-12 20:54:53

I wanted one, then I was sort of talked out of one by a kitchen planner. Having looked at one again in the local appliance place he said we could have the same capacity in a rangemaster as a double oven/grill.

They look sooooo purretty!

Rangemasters look amazing, but are fricking expensive. DH has just pointed out we might be able to go on holiday if we chose a cheaper one!

Can anyone speak from experience on this?

betterwhenthesunshines Mon 08-Oct-12 11:24:34

Depends how much space you have. The 90cm ones have very narrow ovens on the right hand side, 100cm is more workable having looked at them. If you have plenty of wall space I'd go for a high level oven and separate hob.

If you like the range look, then Stoves are a bit cheaper but the appliance shop I talked to said they wern't as good quality as Rangemaster. I don't know if that's true.

this website is good

LittleMilla Mon 08-Oct-12 14:30:18

Thanks better. Space is only 93cm and so I can only have a 90cm. Man in shop said the rangemasters have 66l capacity, which is what we'd get with a double oven. Space is a premium in our kitchen so DH feels we ought to make the most of the fireplace that would house the range.

I have no doubt that Rangemaster are the best but would be good to hear from anyone that's bought a cheaper.

Out of interest better, do you have one?

ArbitraryUsername Mon 08-Oct-12 15:15:11

We're getting a belling 900 range. The online reviews are generally very good.

WildThongyoumakemyringsting Mon 08-Oct-12 17:55:39

Ive got a Stoves one. Its 1.5 years old and one of the ovens isnt heating up. Because its outside the 1 year warranty i'm going to have to pay someone to fix I would have expected better for £900. Maybe just been unlucky though.

LittleMilla Mon 08-Oct-12 19:31:12

Wow wild that's quick for something to go wrong.

Having a look at belling. I've sort of fallen for the gun metal grey range master but looks like belling's only one is big.

Any other brands people can recommend?

DigWeedSow Mon 08-Oct-12 19:48:04

I have a Stoves range and never had a problem with it (it's 7 years old) not sure if wild has been unlucky or maybe I've been lucky grin

betterwhenthesunshines Mon 08-Oct-12 20:24:22

I don't have one yet ( builders in ) but will do. I think I'm probably going for the Ranemaster one as I want an induction hob (no gas) and not many do that. And the Mercury one is £3k+ so that's out of the question!

PorkyandBess Mon 08-Oct-12 20:28:03

We have just bought the Rangemaster 90 Professional Plus with an induction hob.

After a lot of shopping around, I got it for £1730 plus £300 for hood.

Love it so far, but we had to replace all of our pots and pans due to induction hob, so that added another several £££!

LittleMilla Mon 08-Oct-12 20:35:16

Porky, I might keep quiet on the pot front for now!

Assuming you shopped around? You're probably better off than me grin but was the induction the only swinger? Think I've seen it on some others so curious if that was the only dealbreaker?

Feeling shallow to chose something based on colour blush.

PorkyandBess Mon 08-Oct-12 20:43:02

LittleMilla, we have no gas where we live and dh really wanted induction having seen them demonstrated at Good Food Show.

I have to say, so far, it's quite amazing. A pan of cold water boils in seconds.

I buy everything based on looks and work backwards from there.

Practicality/utility hold no truck with me. It's all about looks!

pinxminx Mon 08-Oct-12 20:46:31

I've recently moved into a house with a Rangemaster and I really like it!

hollyw Tue 09-Oct-12 22:06:21

Have you checked ebay. We've recently purchased a seller refurbished Britannia range for less than half the price. I agree with bwts about the 90cm v 100cm ones if you can squeeze one in.

LittleMilla Tue 09-Oct-12 22:10:58

Thanks holly from measurement the original fireplace is only 94/95cm at the top. Is there a 'border' on the bigger one iykwim? So I might be able to squeeze one in?

Chewbecca Tue 09-Oct-12 22:11:36

I have a cream Rangemaster 900, I really like the oven sizes, the small one is perfect for every day, the big one great for bigger meals, roasts etc. I have a gas hob and electric oven, bought in 2007, no problems so far and no regrets.

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