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Which upstands with wooden worktops/ceramic sink/oven?

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sherbetpips Sun 07-Oct-12 20:09:02

We went with the black glass all round to the height of the sill, we have dark wood tops but a steel sink.

Coffeeformeplease Sun 07-Oct-12 08:58:39

We are in the process of getting a (new) kitchen and have a problem finding out which upstands we want, or if we don't want any.
The worktops will be wood (oak) but the sink is a sit-on white ceramic one, which goes all the way back, no cut-outs in worktop. The units will be white or grey. The splashback for oven is black glass.
I don't know if it will look odd for the sink to have a tiled upstand and tiled windowsill behind it, and then a bit of wooden worktop with wooden upstands, then the glass splashback for the hob, then another bit of wooden worktop and wooden upstand... It sounds mix and match and I have no idea what to order.

Should the sink also have a wooden upstand? I ordered the sink especiallly because I didn't want wood around it. I don't want to develop OCD trying to keep it dry.
Please help! Any ideas?

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