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How much should I spend on a sink?

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GrumpyCrossPatch Fri 05-Oct-12 11:29:26

I would like a 1.5 bowl undermounted ceramic sink in my new kitchen. I can buy an Astini one for about half the price of say, a Franke version. I know I should invest in taps and be prepared to pay more but is the same true of sinks?

(I have never heard of this brand so if anyone has got one some feedback would be great).

rememberingnothing Fri 05-Oct-12 13:48:00

Yes, check the guage of the steel or it will pop and buckle when you drain the pasta (and then might leak around the plughole / come away from the worktop)

Franke is a very well known brand but don't dismiss others, just check the specs.

Pancakeflipper Fri 05-Oct-12 13:50:07

Yes - a cheaper one will do what rememberingnothing says - they kinda 'warp' and the good quality taps will wobble and not fit right because they are made of a thinner material.

PigletJohn Fri 05-Oct-12 14:03:25

OP said "ceramic"

Pancakeflipper Fri 05-Oct-12 14:13:03

Oh PigletJohn, it's a good job you can read.

Ok ceramic sinks - the issue with these is quality clay and how they are fired. Otherwise could crack/chip easy. But goodness knows how you will tell cos' manufacturer is hardly likely to say " oh yes I use cheap clay and it isn't fired as well as others.."

Yorky Sat 06-Oct-12 08:52:02

I wish they would sat that Pancake - it'd make life so much simpler!

Blatant hijack alert - what are the relative benefits of stainless/ceramic/granite/composite sinks? I know huge white under mounted sinks are fashionable atm, but why?

Thanks and sorry

FishfingersAreOK Sat 06-Oct-12 08:54:02

Check out the huge white undermounted ceramic/butler sinks - they are often set lower than other sinks so can be back-ache-city.

Thromdimbulator Sat 06-Oct-12 09:30:14

...unless you're 5'3" (like me) and find it being lower an advantage.

Pancakeflipper Sat 06-Oct-12 10:11:17

Yorky - its fashion and the look of your kitchen.
Also the cost. Stainless are cheaper and easy to clean. Practical but not as attractive

With granite/ butler sinks etc - be careful washing your wine glasses in them as they will chip easily. It's a very hard surface and loves to let you glassware and plates know exactly who is boss.

This issue is easily resolved in buying yourself a complete set of melamine tableware.... wink

Also the temperature of the water for granite is likely to go cool quickly - so you will need a washing up bowl for these practical reasons. But that kinda ruins the effect of the gorgeous granite sink you spent a lot of money on.

rememberingnothing Sat 06-Oct-12 23:26:34

Apologies blush read Franke and thought of steel sinks. We have a butler ceramic sink from Hafele (trade) unbranded have not had any problems for about £100.

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