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how much work would you do on a house if you wanted to sell it?

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halfnhalf Wed 03-Oct-12 15:22:00

We've got the builders in to do some cosmetic work on our house before we either sell or let it. The problem is, it's becoming obvious that even more (non-cosmetic) work needs doing. If you knew you were going to sell your house, would you not do the work, and set the price accordingly, or do the work to sell it more quickly.
The house, I think, is quite desireable - nice position, attractive .
I guess this is one of thise 'how long is a ball of string' questions, but I'd like to know what other people have done, so would be grateful for any ideas.

FriedSprout Wed 03-Oct-12 15:33:52

I would get builders to do things that would come up on a survey. Which probably means most stuff grin

Couldn't be doing with negotiating over this further down the line. Also might any buyer wonder what else might need doing if the " essentials" have not been tackled?

Good luck with sale

startlife Wed 03-Oct-12 18:48:16

I think it does depend on a range of factors, type of target market, state of the market in your area work that needs doing.

We are going through similar thought processes and got a few agents around to give us a viewpoint. They came up with the same list we did. Ours is a house that could be extended but families will want to live in it for a while before extending. As a result we will do some jobs and freshen up the house.

I think if your market is ftb's you should assume they may not have loads of cash and therefore will want a place they can live in straight away. They could be scared by jobs which in reality aren't that expensive.

tricot39 Wed 03-Oct-12 19:00:09

From our experience looking about, do-er uppers are just not worth taking on. Done houses are selling at higher prices but not high enough to cover the cost of doing up a tired house - never mind compensate for living in a building site.

Unless the work is very minor or your house is very very desirable you may find it difficult to sell if work gets listed on the survey.

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