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Eltham/Lee/Mottingham areas in SE London - are these areas improving?

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mottinghamlife Mon 07-Nov-16 17:27:30

i have lived in mottingham most of my life. In recent times the murder rate has increased ten fold. However, crime rates have only creased 2 fold. The area is not one i would suggest for people to live in. it is filled with nasty little want to be chavs and gangsters. Most people i know like this girl called emily moved out to get away from the place. It is really one of them deprived area. if i was you guys i would move to canterbury

NotAnotherNewNappy Sat 05-Jan-13 12:20:47

Depends what you mean by on the up? We bought in Eltham in April and already couldn't afford to buy the equivalent, IYKWIM?

See my post on my own thread for more thoughts on Eltham... That's if you want some advice from somebody who doesn't sound like a DM article.

swanley Sat 05-Jan-13 00:52:38

eltham is must nicer then lee or around that area houses near westmount rd the cobett houses and the progress is mostly private houses the odd few on the progress are housing ass which mostly old people live in that have live there for years that is the best parts of eltham also eltham high street is nice to shop in as it is i find friendly and a nice section of shops not like a big shopping centre on a nice sunny day its lovely to walk up and down the high st and have a coffee in one of the many cafe with tables and chairs outside got a really nice feel about it.

nancy75 Wed 03-Oct-12 22:00:33

Re shopping you can drive to blue water or Stratford Westfield in 20minutes from eltham

likeatonneofbricks Wed 03-Oct-12 21:51:11

yes I think the ones I've seen are nearer Eltham college.
Regarding the basic shopping - where do people shop properly in those areas, or nearby?
Lee Green is pricier, so it's not the area I mean.

OwedToAutumn Wed 03-Oct-12 21:10:40

There are nice parts of all of these areas. Lee Green is right next to Blackheath, and there are lovely houses in Lee proper. If you can buy near Brindishe school (primary) all to the better!

There are also gorgeous houses in Mottingham, particularly near Eltham College, and in Eltham as well, but obviously there are scuzzy bits as well.

As for being a number of murders, there have been a few murders within 10 mins walk of my house in recent years, and I live in a very "sought after" area!

nancy75 Wed 03-Oct-12 20:56:30

There is an area of eltham that has really beautiful houses, the high street is basic but ok and I think you would feel fairly safe living there, the problem in my eyes would be schools, there is not one school that I would be prepared to consider. Lee & mottingham are generally not so nice.

likeatonneofbricks Wed 03-Oct-12 20:52:02

thanks vj, I knew it was a bit rough there, but though maybe it's starting to change as so many Londoners are being pushed out of nicer areas further and further due to high prices. Forest Hill is consiudered quite nice now yet ther was a murder there on the High street earlier this year.
Also the way these properties olok, it's obvious people thrown money on them and decorated in such good taste, so someone must live there regardless. Still, I suppose it's a no-go for the foreseable! I've moved out of london myself for now but not sure whether i'll be content, so keeping an eye on rightmove a little.

vj32 Wed 03-Oct-12 20:15:00

The trains that go through Mottingham go to London Bridge and Charing Cross. Same line as New Eltham, where DH is from.

Eltham was featured on one of those police chase programs a few years ago and described as the 'car crime capital of Europe'. Nice.

I would say there is a reason they are cheap. DH says Lee Green is near Blackheath, so it might be worth buying at the border, but I presume there are other people thinking that way too. He says while he lived there, there were murders in both Lee and Eltham (Stephen Lawrence), and according to the internet, there have been 2 murders in Lee in 4 years.

I certainly wouldn't want to live there. But then we had to choose between that sort of area and Hampshire, and chose Hampshire!

likeatonneofbricks Wed 03-Oct-12 14:39:19

there are some jaw-dropping Victorian properties on rightmove, very well interior-designed, large flats, even grand, some with gardens, for low prices compared to average London prices (under 300)! is this because these areas are stll unsafe, or no shopping. no schools? I went to look at one flat two yrs ago (south of Lee station, Bexhill Park rd I think) and I'm not sure i would feel safe walking there at night. But the some flats there are fantastic!
If you live there, what's the crime rate, and any sign of the amenities improving? there must be a catch though.
Also how good are trains from Mottigham and where do they go in

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