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Dark pine doors/skirtings and mirrored wardrobes - matching furniture?

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KKKKaty Wed 03-Oct-12 13:55:49

I've recently moved into a house that has dark pine wooden doorframes, doors and skirtings. Where we lived before had all that painted white. It looks good and I wouldn't want to paint it all white because it would be a lot of work and we'd have to repaint in future years etc.

However, my problem is that I can't work out whether any wooden furniture I buy has to be in the same dark pine colour? Surely if I get light pine or oak or darker wood furniture it'll all look a bit mismatched and random?

Also, the bedrooms have built in wardrobes which is great from a storage point of view, but they all have mirrored sliding doors. I'm finding it difficult to come to a decision about decor and furnishings. I'd like a sort of boudoiry-velvet-chandeliery type thing in our room, but won't that jar with mirrored wardrobe doors?

Aarrgh. I need to start decorating and buying furniture but find myself mentally hamstrung. Help me!

fossil97 Wed 03-Oct-12 15:14:21

We've got the antique pine joinery thing too. The room that has a wooden floor, is in a blending colour, but apart from that we have just gone for whatever furniture we like. Medium oak fits in well. Depends whether you like a polished, matching look (Next Directory style) or not.

Whatever you do, don't get furniture you don't really like just to match in with the joinery.

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