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Timer switch for towel rails

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CaurnieBred Tue 02-Oct-12 23:39:38

We are fitting new towel rails as a result of an extension. These rails will be dual fuel: run by central heating in winter and by an electric element in summer. We would like to have the electric element controlled by a timer switch but are finding it hard to find one suitable (we asked our builder but he couldn't help). In an ideal world I would like to have a digital timer rather than an analogue one - has anyone got one or know of something we can use? TIA.

betterwhenthesunshines Wed 03-Oct-12 16:54:26

Ours are on the hot water circuit - that way they come on whenever you have your hot water timed to be on. Which is usually when you plan to be using the bathroom. (although you can also just turn the valve off if you don't want them at all)

PigletJohn Wed 03-Oct-12 19:40:02

they will be supplied by an FCU, with or without a switch. Is it inside or outside the bathroom? How far is it from the bath or shower?

CaurnieBred Wed 03-Oct-12 22:12:56

Hi Piglet John - the switch will be outside the bathroom.

PigletJohn Wed 03-Oct-12 22:23:10

you could use one of these

CaurnieBred Thu 04-Oct-12 11:01:49

Just what I had in mind: thank you very much.

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