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Looking for the perfect grey paint

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Devora Mon 01-Oct-12 23:42:59

As the title says (and before anyone pops up to say grey is the new magnolia - and you know who you are - I CANNOT HEAR YOU because my fingers are in my ears and I am singing very loudly la la la):

I want to paint my kitchen grey. It is south-facing, light and sunny but with low ceiling. The floor is orangey terracotta tiles (hate them), the kitchen units and tiles are painted Homebase Biscuit which is a kind of cool cream/pale putty colour. The main accent colour is petrol blue and there is a lot of brushed steel hanging around.

So I want a grey that works well with the units and with the floor, that is a definite grey but not too dark, not too cool-toned and not too brown. Also it has to be suitable as a kitchen paint, so I think I'm passing up F&B for this one.

Any advice?

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