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Kitchens Uber or Interior Homes of Rossendale - AVOID

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KatTwam Mon 01-Oct-12 16:30:12

Hi All,

Just thought I would give you heads up to AVOID this business. It is a complete scam. They did a shoddy kitchen design for us, sent us the incorrect units and doors and every time we ring they put us on hold for hours and then cut us off.

We have rung numerous times and it is impossible to speak to anyone other than the switchboard person. The company is listed under several names - the two above being the most common - but each telephone number gets you to the same switchboard. They also don't answer emails. We are asking for a refund for the goods that were never sent - having previously only asked that they be sent out to the fitters but they have delayed so much that now the fitters have gone, our kitchen is ill-fitted with the magic corner missing (never arrived).

Previous to my making a complaint, I had no troubles at all getting through to them, it's only since I asked for the goods to be sent or refunded that they have started ignoring us/cutting us off/putting us on hold for hours at an end. Totally unethical company.


gussiegrips Sun 07-Oct-12 00:31:44

You got any further forward with your complaint against this company?

cuddywifter Tue 30-Jul-13 10:13:05

I to made the mistake of using this company and was supplied with a kitchen that was only fit for the dump. despite numerous phone calls we got nowhere and even had to buy some doors to finish the kitchen. it was only the fact that I am a carpenter with 40+ years experience that I was able to fit the kitchen, but even then it was not up to my standard. When you ring them they keep you hanging on and then cut you of.
My advice stay away

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