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Sofa for a kitchen - any recommendations?

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fishtankbrain Sun 30-Sep-12 12:23:41

We're in the process of extending our kitchen and when it's finished we'll have room for a sofa (yay!). We bought our living room sofas years ago from a company which no longer exists so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for sofa companies?

We're looking for a very hard wearing sofa as it will take a lot of punishment from DS1 and 2, but not leather. We'd like one that stays in shape without needing to be plumped (so foam, I think) and with a low back.

I did like this one from sofasofa:

But I have read quite a lot of poor reviews for their quality - anyone got any experience of them?

Would love recommendations of sofa companies for their good quality or, even better, anyone who can find me a sofa to meet the above criteria! We're not very price sensitive, but I want to get value for money.

Thank you!

VerityClinch Sun 30-Sep-12 14:45:47

We have an Albany three sestet sofa and sofa bed from there. The sofabed has stood up pretty well, it's two years old now. The sofa seat cushions went flat quite quickly but other than that its been fine - three and a half years old.

Their customer service and delivery was brilliant both times and I would use them again. In fact, just had offer accepted on house and have sent off for colour samples for different covers (will obv replace seat cushions too!).

VerityClinch Sun 30-Sep-12 14:48:11

If you have children though, I would think leather if its going to be in the kitchen. Food and drink will travel, inevitably, and fabric will get wrecked!

Some amazing coloured leather chesterfields around if that floats your boat.

Brycie Sun 30-Sep-12 14:52:29

Nothing to add except you lucky, lucky thing. Also if it was me I would definitely go for Ektorp ikea as a "try out". They are cheap and if you buy white, the covers come off and can be bleached, washed, whatever. If it works, it works, and if it doesn't you can always upgrade once you know exactly how it's going to be used and how much and what kind of wear it will get.

fishtankbrain Sun 30-Sep-12 16:31:25

verity thanks for that, that's helpful. If we did go leather then yes I think we would go for a Chesterfield, but the colour scheme is pale grey and cream and I'm not keen on leather in either of those colours. We do have a splash of purpleish (f&b Brassica) on the island, but I'm not sure if a purple sofa would be too much.

brycie - A sofa has always been top of my kitchen wish list - I am very excited about it and know how lucky we are to have the space. Will look at the Ikea one.

fussychica Mon 01-Oct-12 17:07:45

We have an Ektorp (Abyn blue) in the conservatory. It's really comfortable and it takes a lot of use. It's standing up really well and I love that the covers all come of and can be washed in a domestic machine. To be extra safe I bought a spare set of cream covers for £40 so have two sofas for not much more than the price of one wink

Rhubarbgarden Mon 01-Oct-12 20:01:34

Another vote for Ikea. We had a pair of their sofas in our kitchen for years - may well have been Ektorp. They stood up to kittens, kids, builders and even wild parties in the dim and distant past. I washed the covers regularly and dyed them when the mood took me. They are now 14 years old and have just been donated to a couple setting up home for the first time. They've bought new covers and the sofas are absolutely as good as new. Tough as old boots.

Brycie Mon 01-Oct-12 20:39:56

Yes that's the other thing, you can buy spare covers. Marvellous, and no chance of it being discontinued.

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