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Kitchen/family room colours help!

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ellangirl Sat 29-Sep-12 20:22:05

Ok, having new extension built which will add new kitchen/dining room with lean to roof and skylights, and lead back into house into a family room. so whole thing is an L shape. I favour this look for the kitchen here with dark tile flooring in kitchen/dining area but carpet in family room. Want to stay away from cupboards being too ivory. Our dining room chairs/ tables etc are reclaimed pine, and main sofa for family room bit is battered old brown leather with a pewter/silver colour wood burner.
So, I need help with wall colour/skirting colour for all of it and carpet colour for family room. I love teals and blue greens, but worried it might look too cold, especially as family room bit won't get too much natural light. Should we be painting whole thing same colour? Not hugest wallpaper or feature wall fan, but don't want to it to look too uniform either. It is a 30s semi if that makes any difference.
Thanks for any advice smile

Yorky Sat 29-Sep-12 22:31:00

Watching with interest as having a similar dither here smile

ArbitraryUsername Sat 29-Sep-12 22:46:08

This is a nice colour scheme, I think.

Karbea Sat 29-Sep-12 22:58:01

I've just painted our L shaped kitchen, dining room, family room in farrow and ball clunch (k, dr), and French grey (fr), the ceiling and woodwork are all pointing, I think it looks lovely. Our family room is in the darkest part of the room and there we also have a charcoal L shape sofa.

Yorky Sun 30-Sep-12 07:10:44

Ours is going to be a U shaped kitchen-diner-playroom-lounge, if the budget allows we're planning folding doors to divide into 3 areas.

The kitchen cupboards will be cream with wooden tops, the lounge currently has latte-ish coloured walls (can't remember exact nameblush with a light blue wall for contrast (rebelling against too long in rented magnolia!) and I'd been planning creamy walls in the kitchen with a deep red one for contrast - but then the red and blue walls will be facing each other so I'm wondering if I need to neutralise it?

I like that picture Arbitrary

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