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flooring help!

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purplepansy Tue 25-Sep-12 09:37:31

Have a split level house - ie the family room is down a short flight of stairs from the entrance hall. Have a small lounge off the hall. Dogs currently sleep in the lounge and are trashing the carpet, but I don't want them in the hall to trip over, and sleeping anywhere else is not an option as the lower floor is open plan and my greedy mutt can't be left anywhere near a kitchen. I want to get a hard floor installed, but it would have to be something like amtico or vinyl so waterproof for the dogs, wood wouldn't be suitable, and soft lino would be marked by their claws. The problem I have is with the short flight of stairs, as ideally I'd like to put a hard floor in the hall and the lounge and the family room, but I'm worried it would be too slippy on the stairs, and would look rubbish just to have it fitted up to the carpeted stairs, then start again at the bottom - does anyone have any advice?

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