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Buying a house where there might be a development built soon ..

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fannythewonderdog Mon 24-Sep-12 14:57:39


I was after advice please. We have been looking to buy a house for a few years and the market is pretty stagnent round here, especially as we want to live in a village and not in the main towns around here. We have seen a house, in a village which isn't our main choice but nice enough. The house is the first that dh and I both agree we would like to live in. Not our 'forever' house but maybe for 5 years.

The only thing against it is that there is a development proposed for an extra 50 houses in the village. The development is along the main road from the house we are interested in, not the way we need to go to work but no doubt will cause us some disruption.

Would you consider a house in that location? It's probably about 500m away from the proposed building site.

Thanks in advance.

FireOverBabylon Mon 24-Sep-12 15:46:29

What else is proposed to be built, other than the 50 houses? Will there be extra school capacity, doctors, another library, playground, shops? If not, this would concern me.

we have a similar development going up between us and the next village, with 3 primary schools which are already full to capacity. god knows where these extra children are supposed to go to school.

fannythewonderdog Mon 24-Sep-12 19:44:40

Hi FOB, thanks for replying.

The plans haven't actually gone in yet but are expected reading the local press. I have just had another look and it seems that there is nothing about expanding the facilities - there is a playground and a junior school already in the village. The focus appears to be on the extra traffic (both while building and otherwise) and the need for more "green spaces".

There are actually 9 different proposed sites (with housing developments ranging from 5 houses to 67!) I am guessing not all of them would receive the OK ...(?)

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