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Lounge - picking colours that work together rather than fight.

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jollydiane Sun 23-Sep-12 20:33:39

I have a blank canvas which is always hard. DH and I both like this rug (cranberry) but I'm at a loss as to what colours would go with it. Am I best just going for a cream on the walls and curtains and have some vibrant pictures?

The lounge is north facing so can be gloomy so we need a colour that will not look really washed out but will not clash.

Alternatively I love teal accessories but I think it will make the room look really chilly.

I have studied the colour wheel thingy but it seems really tricky to find curtains and rugs that complement each other. The colours I pick seem to always be having a battle with each other.

HazeltheMcWitch Sun 23-Sep-12 21:14:19

Have you ever seen this website, Design-Seeds ? It has lots of lovely colour palettes to look at - that might help you pick colours that work well?

GoingBlankAgain Sun 23-Sep-12 21:15:30



GoingBlankAgain Sun 23-Sep-12 21:18:52

this looks interesteing

jollydiane Sun 23-Sep-12 21:58:51

Oh thanks. What interesting sites.

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