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Honestyisbest Sun 23-Sep-12 20:30:58

OK we are going round in circles.....we have approx 20 K to spend on our kitchen exc appliances which we have (American style FF and range cooker). Would you go to Magnet, John Lewis etc or a smaller local outfit?
The designer kitchen I love starts at 45 K, PLain English, simply gorgeous. But I'm sure I can get similar at half that price. Can I?
We live Bucks/Oxon border. Advise me!

jollydiane Sun 23-Sep-12 20:42:14

How big is the kitchen and are there any building works. 45K seems OTT to me.

Following on from the MN Kitchen thread I'm writing a list of the things that are 'must haves', then 'should have' and 'nice to haves'. This should give you an idea of what your priorities really are.

I think you need to decide what are the financial implications of going over your budget. Get quotes from a range of suppliers so you know what 'extra' you are actually getting. I think 45k is far too much unless you are Jamie Oliver's wife.

annalouiseh Sun 23-Sep-12 20:44:07

My dh is in the business so ill be careful what i put...but i real terms you shouldn't shop at any you have mentioned.
Go independent as the named shops are stuck to certain suppliers and JL do nice kitchens but use mereway, there wood doors are nice but there modern are pvc edged. There are alot of locals that will sell the same mereway without the price tag, because your not walking into JL.
but with both it all depends what type of kitchen your going for - 20k will/can get you something bespoke ish painted options or made to measure.
have fun looking

Honestyisbest Sun 23-Sep-12 20:51:57

Ooh what's mereway?
Yes I'm veering towards smaller outfits. Do you know anything about Underwood kitchens?

annalouiseh Sun 23-Sep-12 20:57:57

Underwood will start around the same costing of the one you wanted.
there high up.
Mereway is a supplier that sell through JL and independents.
thing is you have to use there carcass and doors as a package. My dh doesnt use them as can come limited etc on unit production and door material/finish/quality

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