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renovation budgets help with figures please?

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tricot39 Sun 23-Sep-12 19:06:21

hi. dh has taken a fancy to a large enough to be chilly quite a bit of the time stone built victorian terrace. it needs work. i think it could swallow all our savings , and then a bit more! he says i am being unduly gloomy!

it is 5 bed and 3 reception rooms. nice cornices in the principal rooms so would need care. big floor to ceiling heights and 3 floors. we dont want to live in a building site for years but don't have wads of cash lying around to do all the building work we might like in one go.

so can any of you help with recentish figures for the following:

1) draftstripping and redecorating a sash window
2) full rewire (including fancy stuff like lamps on separate switched circuit) and dodging nice cornices.
3) full replumb (re-using ex radiators) with new boiler and megaflow hot water (2 bathrooms, 1 wc, utility and

tricot39 Sun 23-Sep-12 19:08:30

oops pressed send.
.....and kitchen.

yes i know i need to chat to a local builder to get a better idea but if that list adds up to what i fear, there is no point wasting a builder's time!! any help gratefully received!

tricot39 Sun 23-Sep-12 22:42:18


ApuskiMcClusky Sun 23-Sep-12 23:02:23

Can help with 2) and 3) - we have a largish 4 bed. We've had quotes for full rewiring at around £5k, and for full replacement of central heating with new boiler, tank, megaflow (and radiators), for around £10k. Not in London, but we'd be in the next tier of expensive areas at a guess.


RCheshire Sun 23-Sep-12 23:58:01

You really need to see the house, but if you just want a rough guess then 15k +/- 25%.

MmeLindor Mon 24-Sep-12 00:05:14

1) no idea

2) We have quotes for complete rewire of a 3 bed house with no fancy cornicing etc at around £3 - 4k

3) We have not got quote, but are reckoning with around £5ish for new boiler with just one bathroom and one WC. No idea what megaflow is, but we are not having it

Think for the size of house, and depending on area (we are in Scotland so prices lower) you would be looking at £15k easy. If you are having the place replumbed and rewired, then you will have to factor in redecorating costs.

And lots and lots of mess.

tricot39 Mon 24-Sep-12 19:15:43

oooh thanks. lots of food for thought! dh may be right that i am being unduly gloomy!!

the likely mess means that the only way i would consider the house if we could do the big, nasty, messy jobs before we move in (we expect to have to sell up and rent anyway).

for some reason i have a figure of £500 per window in my head to recondition and draftstrip sashes. no idea why! better make some quick calls.

off to do some more sums...

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