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Lovely house but with plans for a house to be built next door...

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AlmondFrangipani Sun 23-Sep-12 17:43:08

Hi everyone,

Just after your views if possible. We are looking to move out of Bristol into a village close to the city. We have found this fab cottage which we want to make an offer on but we have since found out that there is a property due to be built next door. We have looked at all the planning documents but it is difficult to tell exactly what implications this will have on the cottage. It looks like it may be visible from the garden but no too imposing (it was a point raised during planning). Not only are we concerned about the house when its built but potentially living through a build.

What do you guys think? Is it a non-starter?

dinkystinky Sun 23-Sep-12 17:45:04

I'd run away to be honest - the disruption while the build is on will be a pain in the arse and if the plans are opaque there is a real risk for dispute with your new neighbours

tedglenn Sun 23-Sep-12 18:07:50

That is probably why the vendor is selling! You need to assess how the new house will affect the amenity and the value of the house, and make sure the price you pay is the value for a house with another house built next door, rather than house with a pleasant field/garden - I expect the vendor is probably hoping to sell for the latter price, and will expect you to take the hit in the loss of value once the area is more built-up.

wendybird77 Sun 23-Sep-12 18:17:57

I think how long I planned to live there would affect my offer (if any). If I wanted to move on in a couple years I wouldn't as you don't know what affect it will have on the value and you'd have to live through the build. If it is a forever home, then you need to weigh up how much you love the house and if there is anything comparable going nearby that you could get instead. Of course, unless you own the surrounding land / views there is always the possibility (and, in fact, necessity) of development given the housing shortage in this country. Out of curiosity, which village? We are also looking outside Bristol!

AlmondFrangipani Sun 23-Sep-12 18:29:19

Thanks for the advice. Wendy it is in Pensford. We are looking at South Bristol villages. You??

CaliforniaLeaving Sun 23-Sep-12 20:15:12

We have lived through two homes being built by us since we moved in. One behind and to the side and one directly across the street. Both Dh and I worked and Ds was in school daily though the first one, so didn't really bother us much at all. We had occasional days where it was a bit noisy, but nothing to write home about. House behind had the roof put on while poor Dh was on night shift, more inconvenient but we knew it wasn't going to last forever. We are in a rural area and very quiet neighborhood, everything echos it seems. But now there are people in both and both have beautiful landscaping (I don't) so they are lovely.

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