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Help me style my living room!

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HereLittleKitty Sun 23-Sep-12 13:47:14

My living room is currently a plasterboard mess!

Tomorrow it will be plastered and a few days after painted a light silver colour as a base,

I have 2 rolls of this wallpaper

but would like to funk it up a bit.

Any ideas?

racingheart Sun 23-Sep-12 19:18:02

Love those colours. I'd go for a plain deep golden blonde rug on floor, to pick up the deeper cream colour on the wallpaper (something like this ) which also comes in duck egg blue.

These lamps are simple, pretty and dirt cheap. The duck egg blue glass would echo the walls.

Then I'd put warm, thick creamy rugs or throws and cushions on the sofa.

What's your budget? Do you have any existing furniture or are you starting form scratch.

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