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The house we want is going to sealed bids...gulp...what shall I include?

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CobOnTheCorn Sat 22-Sep-12 20:29:11

This is new and scary territory for me. The estate agent has give us a list of information to be provided but is there anything else I can do or say to give me the edge?

I'm thinking about including a nice, personal letter telling the vendor about us as a family and why we really want the house. Is this a bit too sickly or should I give it everything as I have nothing to lose (except a bit of pride)?

sleepymum50 Sat 22-Sep-12 20:48:23

We were in this situation 15 years ago, we were told to put in an odd number, So bid £122,500, but told that it would not necessarily go to the highest bidder.

My DH and I were desperate for the house, so I physically went to the estate agents on the day the bid was due and gave them our offer of £122,500, a letter from the bank with our confirmed mortgage offer (had to pay and get a surveyors valuation for that), copies of our bank statement showing funds available for difference on mortgage offer and price of house, a letter stating that we were renting and need only give a months notice, and an offer to buy the furniture left in house (in case they didn't want the hassle of removing it).

I stayed at the estate agents while they opened the bid, and they did tell me that the other people had also bid the exact amount. They went into a back room to discuss with the vendors while I waited.

Eventually, they came out and told me the house was ours. With the amount being the same the vendors had been concerned over who was most likely to complete without hassle. The estate agents implied that when asked their opinion the had pointed out that they could be confident that we were in a position to move quickly, had proof of funds and mortgage and the fact I was phyically there showed serious intent.

Pleased to say we are still in the house and still love being here.

CobOnTheCorn Sat 22-Sep-12 20:51:04

A lovely, happy story.

We have a sticking point as we have no offer yet but we're very hopeful!

It sounds like your bid was very carefully thought out, thorough and sensible.

I'll take a leaf from your book. Thanks.

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