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Any idea how much it costs to have a garage built?

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CobOnTheCorn Sat 22-Sep-12 19:37:00

sorry if that's a piece of string question, I need a ball park figure to factor in to some sums (ha some sums).

Any ideas I can start with?


Tiago Sat 22-Sep-12 19:44:54

About 10,000 pounds I think.

CobOnTheCorn Sat 22-Sep-12 20:22:31

Thanks, that's a helpful starting point. I know there are many variables, I just need an approximate. Entering £10k into the spredsheet now!

BikeRunSki Sat 22-Sep-12 20:29:09

Neighbour just also got a quote for £10k. That's in West Yorks, by local builder.

CobOnTheCorn Sat 22-Sep-12 20:30:46

Aah ok, possibly a bit more in London. It's nice neat number though and looks very nice in its column...

Tiago Sun 23-Sep-12 13:35:39

Should probably say - it might be more if you want something fancy (e.g. double brick walls to improve insulation, or a pitched roof).

CobOnTheCorn Sun 23-Sep-12 20:10:59

Okey doke, I'll see what I can get for £10k and try not to get too excited.

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