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PartialToACupOfMilo Fri 21-Sep-12 18:37:55

We've recently had a room replastered and have pretty much finished the painting and flooring. With the colder weather we've started to think about curtains and will be needing to fit some in the small bay window which is square and can be quite cold though not draughty. Bit stumped on how to hang them. The window completely fills the bay as in there's no wall above the window other than in front of the bay. And the ceiling has been plasterboarded and skimmed - there's an empty space in the other side so I don't suppose a heavy pole and curtain will hold. Any advice? We'd much prefer curtains to blinds but would consider blinds too.

VerityClinch Fri 21-Sep-12 18:42:01


Jcee Fri 21-Sep-12 18:53:10

I have just moved house and have a 6 sided bay in the 2 rooms at front of house with a ceiling we dont trust and no wall at top of window and so I have done lots of research into this recently...

Do you have space to attach a curtain track to the top of the window frame? If so we put this upstairs and attached it to top of window frame - it was fairly easy to fit round bends and it works brilliantly.

Irritatingly we don't have enough space at top of window frame to fit one the same downstairs, so still have no curtains up!

UntamedShrew Fri 21-Sep-12 18:54:19

Would a fitted lath & fascia work?

PartialToACupOfMilo Sun 23-Sep-12 21:07:25

Thank you smile

I don't think I want to have shutters - dh actually suggested them as he likes some on a house down the road, but I'd ideally like something cosier and also cheaper. I do like the look of the aluminium tracking Jcee, but I'm not sure the window frame would hold it - they're upvc, not wooden and I'm not sure how strong they'd be? There is wall at the end of the window (obviously!) so if we anchored it there, then it might be strong enough to hold some of the rest of the weight... maybe

Looked up lath and fascia on google, but don't really get it, will have another look.

On the bright side, the floor is now finished and looks lovely smile

Jcee Sun 23-Sep-12 21:36:45

We fitted the track to Upvc window frame and chose some fairly lightweight curtains as I was worried about weight too.

There are a few different aluminium tracks available (think its swish ultraglide or similar) which are designed to take different weight of curtains. We went with the JL ones as they had the best length to match our window so DP didn't have to Cut much off. JL were helpful on advising us on the best rail to go for and curtain weights too. I was worried lightweight curtains would look rubbish but ones we went for are fully lined and still quite weighty and look great

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