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Support thread for MN's trying to buy a house

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financialwizard Mon 17-Sep-12 09:03:39

I can't find another thread like this, and I thought we could do with a sister thread to the trying to sell.

Thought I'd kick off with my rage!

Currently exchanged on the house that I have sold and living in husbands work accomodation so my situation is not dire, but still.

We offered on a property in August. It is a vacant property, and we said that we would like to exchange contracts 18th October with a view to complete no later than 1st November. We got the house at 95.8% of the market price.

So far we have not received the fixtures and fittings list, even though the vendor completed them the week before last. I have been back several times to measure up for lino in the bathrooms/curtains/take pictures of holes in the wall (for my decorator - there are lots). Went back this weekend just gone to check a couple of things (I always forget something) and the vendor has taken all of the bathroom fittings (toilet roll holder, etc), all of the curtain poles, all of the blinds. Now I am beginning to get a bit worried she is going to pull up all the carpets as well (not budgeted for them). I know I am going to have to wait until I get the F&F list but I am feeling slightly nervous at the potential cost of replacing things like carpets now (the whole house - 5 bed is carpetted). Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhh.

My old man is going away for business just as we are due to complete as well, so it is going to have to be me to deal with it all. Really looking forward to this move.......NOT!!!!

Never EVER doing this again.

bumbez Mon 17-Sep-12 09:41:29

I've got my foot in both threads grin

Could you ask the estate agent to ask them if the carpets are staying?

Are they annoyed they didn't get enough for the house?

Unfortunately some people are just like that.

We're still waiting to exchange and have had the worrying news that if we don't exchange by midday today our buyers will withdraw from the sale. I hope it's just cage rattling to speed things up - but it's not at all helpful and is out of our control, bloody,bollocky, cunty, twatty HSBC lawyers. sad

wendybird77 Mon 17-Sep-12 10:25:43

Oh goody. We've had an offer accepted (early July) on the condition that we had to be in by the 1st November, but sellers lost the house they wanted and can't find anything else. Last week we found THE house, repo, offered higher than another offer on it, but EA didn't pass on offer - so contracts were exchanged with the other party even though we had higher offer (by far). Furious at that and making formal complaints as EA totally misled us and the asset management company. My only consolation is the asset management company have struck that EA off their list and are also furious.

Today we are looking at a do-er upper in a village we don't like as well, but the house has great potential to be a money pit. If we don't go for this one I think we are going to find another rental as I'm fed up and just want somewhere to live!

GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 17-Sep-12 11:43:12

I, too, am watching both threads! I don't have a place to sell, but I can empathise with some of them, definitely.

We're currently trying to buy a house. Our bid was accepted, the house is unoccupied, and we're currently renting so we're hoping we can get this all sorted quickly. touch wood! It's a 4 bed which was on the market at 40k less than similarly-sized properties on that road, mostly because some bits need doing up. I just adore the sellers (not even met them!) for acknowledging this in the price, though! I can't say how many other properties of similar size and location need doing up as well, but the owners are bound and determined to get 2008 prices for them regardless.

Anyway, I've just got off the phone and we're having a full building survey done as it's on a hill and we'd just like a very good idea of what we're in for. It was a rental property for ages and has had some high-spec upgrades, but also still has original windows etc in other places. I don't know if the roof needs doing. etc. We aren't getting a mortgage so we don't have a bank's vested interest, we've just got ourselves to look after ourselves, iyswim.

Our landlord is trying to sell our place, and she's been lovely so we're trying to help out as much as we can with viewings. So while we aren't actually selling a house, we are having to keep the place tidy all the time which is stressful enough with a toddler. grin

financialwizard Mon 17-Sep-12 11:59:03

bumbez I am keeping my foot in both camps hopefully only until tomorrow though when my house sale should be completing. I have seen loads of ranty threads about HSBC elsewhere recently so decided to avoid them like the plague with regard to applying for a mortgage. Our valuation is being done today on the house, so fingers crossed we may get a mortgage offer this week and then it is down to the Solicitors. Might be rocket time, I want to exchange in a month latest. Obviously I know they don't have control over everything.

wendybird77 sounds a bit of a nightmare. We went looking as soon as we returned from living overseas and found a house much much quicker than we expected. Bit worried at the amount of finishing the owner is stripping though.

GreenEggs At least that is one thing I don't have to do is keep the house tidy all the time (I too have a toddler) and that the house I am in the process of selling is not the one we live in. It is bad enough as it is without such stress.

wendybird77 Mon 17-Sep-12 15:04:49

Yes, it sounds as if they are taking everything. I don't understand taking fitted carpets - really?!? Do people have them refitted? A mind-boggling concept.

GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 17-Sep-12 15:08:10

I am stunned by that, tbh, FW, do you think they are irritated about something? I mean, why else would you take carpet? I can't imagine there being another use for it.

CuddyMum Mon 17-Sep-12 15:56:52

I had a crazy offer for my house today but when I asked the agent of the house I am interested in buyinh they are insisting on close to their asking price. You can win can you?

CuddyMum Mon 17-Sep-12 15:57:37

I mean can't of course - Doh!

financialwizard Mon 17-Sep-12 17:13:19

Well my solicitor has sent me the Fixtures and Fittings list amongst other things today, so hopefully I will get it tomorrow and then I can report back. Either in shock or a bit more relieved!

The valuer went in today and I got a copy of the valuation stating market value is what we have offered and that there is literally nothing wrong with it. Quite what I spent £325 on I don't know because I could have told you that..ha ha.

Solicitor has also confirmed that she applied for the local searches on 3rd September so we are just waiting on those as well and answers to her queries from the vendors solicitor. It would be nice if this house purchase went through smoothly because the move is going to be a nightmare!

financialwizard Mon 17-Sep-12 17:13:42

Oh I should say that the carpet is still down, at the moment!

sparkle9 Mon 17-Sep-12 22:48:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bumbez Tue 18-Sep-12 06:48:33

We exchanged yesterday with our buyers because they said they would pull out. We will be moving out next Tuesday, and are hoping to exchange on our purchase today with a completion date of 25 November, with us being able to move in and rent it by the day till we sort out our finances.

I am 95% sure HSBC will eventually cough up as we are only borrowing 30% but there is a nagging worry that they won't and we have contractually entered into buying a house we can't afford. confused

noddyholder Tue 18-Sep-12 06:54:09

Omg you are brave. We wanted to rent like that once and our solicitor strongly devised against.

noddyholder Tue 18-Sep-12 06:54:36


bumbez Tue 18-Sep-12 07:10:52

Brave or stupid !

Haven't done it yet though we are waiting for a secret letter to be faxed from HSBC solicitors to ours which is fingers crossed the green light to proceed, so we may only be renting a few days.

If its not good news we have to find a rental property pretty quick!

financialwizard Tue 18-Sep-12 10:47:41

Fingers Crossed bumbez

sparkle9 I really hope he does make good, although I have already got planned the 'making good' myself before the decorators and cleaners go in. There are not 1000's of holes - about 30 - but repairing them with a lively 2 year old around my feet isn't my idea of fun.

Got the fixtures and fittings list today and am pleased to say that I do feel relieved. It states that the carpets and blinds are staying...thank goodness but that the bathroom fittings are going. Why you would want to take cheap fittings is beyond me but there you are. I guess they are useful in your new home.

PogoBob Tue 18-Sep-12 10:56:39

Can I join please, got to be out of rental in 6 weeks (landlady sprang notice to leave on us a little!, DC2 is due in December and finding a rental round her that will take a cat is almost impossible.

Only half a dozen houses in our price range within the right area on the market, those we've seen all have pretty big compromises and can't get to view any of the others until the end of the week!! Have managed to find a suitable rental but they want an answer today and there is a lot of interest so have to make a decision on that before seeing if anything to buy is suitable!

Hope everything works out for everyone else with minimum stress

financialwizard Tue 18-Sep-12 11:00:20

Good luck PogoBob

GreenEggsAndNichts Tue 18-Sep-12 11:59:05

Pogo ooh we're in a similar situation, our landlady hasn't given us "official notice" (the 2-month period she needs to give us per our contract) but she has spoken to us and is marketing our house to sell. We appreciate that she's given us a bit of extra time to get sorted, as we'd like to buy this time rather than rent. (and no, we're not interested in this house grin love our neighbours on our close, but we need a bigger place with a proper garden, not the dark, dank postage stamp we have at the moment)

We did find a vacant property nearby just as it popped on the market, our bid was accepted (very reasonable price, unlike others in the area who seem to think it's still 2008) so we're waiting on a survey this week. Unless there are serious structural issues, we'll be going ahead, as the price is decent enough to allow us to pay for needed updating.

blah blah blah.. just meant to say, keep refreshing Rightmove, and get your friends to keep you updated if they know people who want to sell. Good luck!

bumbez Tue 18-Sep-12 19:02:11

Ok we've come up with a more sensible plan I think - were going to rent the house and sign a contract to rent it for 6 months or buy it if we like in that period- although it's going to cost us more money I feel safer not being in a legally binding contract to buy it.

The seller hasn't agreed this yet but I don't see why he wouldn't because if we don't buy it he's going to have to rent it out again any way.

If this doesn't happen we will be renting any thing the estate agent assures me there are lots to choose from.

Slightly miffed at throwing money away at rent but at least we'll get some interest from our equity.

PogoBob Tue 18-Sep-12 20:21:35

Thanks greeneggs and good luck with your survey. Have looked at 6 places so far, one seemed to fit the bill but after 7 months on the market the sodding thing only excepted an offer the day after we viewed!

Have a new viewing and a second viewing later this week. The second viewing is a house which could meet our needs but the kitchen is a compromise - very narrow with a huge range cooker, so not sure on that one. The other is new on the market so not sure they'd accept an offer (we're limited to 94% of their price) yet.

bumbez - Sounds like a plan, sometimes it's best to keep things as simple as possible. Hope the seller agrees.

financialwizard Fri 21-Sep-12 08:55:30

How much of an idiot am I? I just delayed myself. Forgot to put my old mortgage number on the mortgage application form and have now delayed the mortgage underwriting for a week. DOH!

Hopefully we can still get done when we need to. Hubby has been confirmed as away when we are due to complete sad

bumbez Fri 21-Sep-12 13:08:24

We have exchanged and get the keys Monday as renting by the day till we can complete! grin

Fecking arse - so much packing still to do.

FW don't envy you moving on your own that's horrid.

Good luck every one else smile

financialwizard Wed 26-Sep-12 09:47:53

Grrrr should be getting the mortgage offer today. I am im patiently waiting for the mortgage offer to hit my email account. I hope they hurry up. My husband has to go away soon and it is all we are waiting for to enable us to exchange now. Would be ultra fab if we could move in to the house just before my lovely husband disappears.

How is everyone else getting on?

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