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Bette Floor Flat Shower Trays - Urgentish

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FishfingersAreOK Wed 12-Sep-12 18:16:13

This system could be the perfect solution to our en-suite shower issue - they make the perfect size, flat look so the look of a wetroom with the benefit of a tray .

My builder can be a bit stick in the mud though (he is brilliant) and likes Matki and is reluctant to use anything else. He will if I insist. Before I do though (and fork out twice the price) has anyone please, please got any experience/opinions on them?

Need a swiftish reply as we are putting in pipes for waste imminently
Thank you!

Pannacotta Wed 12-Sep-12 19:07:56

I havent used one but my local upmarket bathroom showroom rates Bette. The trays look good, have seen them used in displays.
Not sure if that helps....

skandi1 Wed 12-Sep-12 20:15:50

Your alternative to bette is Kaldewei flat system. Looks better than bette as its totally level with the tiles. Steel enamelled trays. Look very nice and has a 25 year guarantee which includes the installation system.

It's about the same price as Bette floor but looks much better and you get choice of colour of tray (of you so wish). Matki isn't something I rate that highly. It looks nice but isn't as snazzy as the Kaldewei or Bette.

Not used it but it was top of my list when we did the bathrooms recently. This is the system I would have used if I had chosen the porcelain tiles which would have looked fab against the flat tray. In the end I went with limestone and matching limestone trays which is a whole other story....

What tiles are you having?? <nosy and interior obessed>

FishfingersAreOK Wed 12-Sep-12 21:09:38

I like the Kaldewei too - our gorgeous double ended bath is one of theirs - their sruff is good quality) We looked onto both (oh and you can choose the colour of the Bette ones too - though we are going for white to match loo/sink/grout IWSWIM).
Tiles I tried to find link but couldn't but they are going to be a mix of beautiful light/brown huge ones. Italian Porcelain. Hard to describe but when I saw in the showroom you want to just touch as they look soft like suede. That was the main reason I chose them. Oh and cos I am sad and have no clue so asked the man in the showroom what I could put in a small ensuite/wetroom and he said "these are popular if you can afford them and look stunning"
We were having problems finding a shower tray low profile enough that would do the wetroom look without the inherent risks for an upstairs /wooden floor. Also room size minute and positioning of door a bugger.
I only looked at them due to the links you put on the earlier thread so thank you so much. We have done some research and the Bette ones seem hugely recommended (and also been chosen for 70 new 5* hotel rooms cannot remember - swanky Mayfair hotel - DH found on some architectural website. So anyway enough wine induced waffling - Bette seem hugely rated and used in loads of swanky hotels - and been around since 2008/9 not just this year like the Kaldewei one.

We have decided not to have a small but would be fucking irritating compromise with the Matki - or risk the wetroom (bound to leak as house moves). We are going to tell the builder tough - we want the Bettefloor. He will be cool with it (I love my builder - but he is like a lot of people - likes to work with what he knows and he knows Matki) and Bettefloor will look fab.
And bugger the expense.

skandi1 Wed 12-Sep-12 22:22:09

Your tiles sound amazing! I think I may have seen similar.

Kaldewei system has been around for a while. I first looked at it for our previous house before DD was born so it must have been 2008. As I have not used it, I couldn't say which is best. The Bette floor is highly commended and looks fab.

Agree about wetrooms. I couldn't face the prospect of either of our first floor bathroom leaking so I chickened out and had two bespoke limestone shower trays made to match the limestone tiles I chose. I am glad I did. The second bathroom was finished today and both look amazing as do the trays.
In no way do I feel like I should have gone wet room route. This looks better I think. And I am sure you will feel the same with your Bette floor and lovely sounding tiles. Wet room are lovely but so are lots of other types of bathroom installations.

Had I wet room in our previous house. It was fab. It never leaked and I had no concerns but that was pre DC <when i was brave> and in a modern house where repairs could easily be done. Here I would have the ensuite leaking into my 200 year old fully wood panelled listed lounge. Not to mention two toddlers during the repairs. Erm no thanks.

sweetmelody Wed 19-Sep-12 10:25:00

Im seriously considering a flat tray in our ensuite loft bathroom. Are there any cons I should consider against having a flat tray over a low profile shower tray? My mine concern is how the door will work since we have to have a door at the entry as there is a full height section where the shower head and valve need to be, then the roof slopes down to a point which is a metre high (if that makes sense). Wont the door drag along the floor??

I'd rather have a hinged, all glass door, whereas DH would prefer a bifold door as he is worried about the door dripping on the floor tiles outside the shower when you open the door to exit (although obviously no concerns about the cleaning nightmare that bifold doors are - we had one in our last house). By coincidence, our existing ground floor shower has a tray that is flush with the floor as the previous owner was in a wheelchair (although being many years old it is nothing like the Bettefloor tray, but the principle is the same). However, there are no doors or panels. We have a curtain up (nice!) so no dripping doors. And we mop the shower tray, rather than wash it, which always feels weird.....


FishfingersAreOK Wed 19-Sep-12 18:09:36

Have just ordered our tray, waste and sealing system. The lady at Bette UK was really helpful then I shopped around on line to get the best deal. We are just going to have a fixed glass panel over 2/3 or the length of the tray so turning it into a walk in/wetroom feel shower. So no moving door. The glass is just sealanted (is that even a word!?) either between the tray and the tiles or more likely onto the tray.
Not sure how you would deal with a sloping sealant bit - bit I am with you on the bi-fild shower door.....

StAntonin Sun 21-Jul-13 19:40:41

How did you get on with the bette shower tray? And where did you purchase? Thinking iof getting one for new bathroom. Thanks

FishfingersAreOK Mon 22-Jul-13 13:13:23

Cannot remember exactly where - a wimbledon (I think) based posh bathroom shop. Found the cheapest price on line and then phoned around a bit to check delivery/availability see if any movement on price.

Shower tray is lovely. Make the en-suite feel like a wetroom with the security of a tray. Would recommend for our situation (a weird shape to fit a tray in and these were one of the few options available in low profile). You may find as equally viable options cheaper/other makes - but Bette did have a huge range of sizes.

primallass Mon 22-Jul-13 13:16:30

Make sure you have the drop for the drainage underneath. I bought one and my builder had to raise it up after all because of where it was in relation to the pipes, floor joists etc.

LavenderQueen Sun 09-Oct-16 12:42:08

Thanks to this thread, I'm now looking at steel/enamel flat/low profile shower trays, particulary the Kaldwei Conoflat. So question to those who already have a steel/enamel tray - are they cold underfoot and do they work? I mean does the waste remove the water away quickly enough to avoid ending up with water everywhere.

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