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Moving to Devon

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Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Mon 03-Sep-12 12:05:45

Hi, we have the chance to relocate to East Devon and its an area I dont really know at all.
We have 3 children who will need pre school, juniors and secondary school and would like to be close to the coast and Exeter and definitely within 10-15 miles of the airport. The only place that seems to fit the bill with good schools etc is Ottery St Mary or maybe Exmouth but am not familiar with either of these.
Can anyone help me out a bit, we have to decide within 4 weeks but will not have the chance to visit before this. We currently live in a small town with ok shops, schools and road links. We have been here a while so have lots of friends and love the area but the thought of an adventure in a new place is tempting.
Moving was much easier before we had children, now there is so much more to consider and its quite daunting.
Any information would be much appreciated.

betterwhenthesunshines Mon 03-Sep-12 13:09:50

Can't offer much advice, but if you post in Chat you might get more responses. Good luck.

Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Mon 03-Sep-12 13:16:14

Cheers, will try that.

Jumbs Mon 03-Sep-12 22:48:18

My OH and i are both from exmouth, although we moved away about 10 yrs ago for work. In laws still there. It was a great place to grow up, lovely not overly commercial sea front, countryside. Good train links and easy access to airport and motorway. Exeter with shops, restaurants etc nearby.
It can be a bit dull for teenagers tho and the shopping precinct pretty dismal.
Don't know about schools, think primaries ok. I went to the community college and thought it was fine. Mil says its gone downhill but she has nothing to base this judgement on.

Jumbs Mon 03-Sep-12 22:57:36

Oh, we lived near phear park which is nice, pitch and putt etc the avenues is the best part of town house wise. Lots of newer houses in brixington but these are a bus or drive from town.
Good luck with your decision making!

I don't really know ottery sm, bar the barrel rolling on 5 Nov and that it has good pubs, but they may not be top of your requirements list!

Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Tue 04-Sep-12 12:18:53

Thanks Jumbs I do like Exmouth but the size if the secondary is off putting and unfortunately the nice houses close to the beach are too expensive for us so we'd be in the hills. I think we're going to take a closer look at Sidmouth too though that also seems pricey.

MrGeresHamster Tue 04-Sep-12 12:25:22

Sidmouth is lovely but tends to attract older residents... Ottery has a good secondary school. There are some lovely small villages like lympstone in that area which have good transport links. Also I wonder if you might find Topsham a good place, it's a bit pricey and cliquey but I would move there if DH were up for it and we could afford it

Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Tue 04-Sep-12 12:55:03

Hi MrGeres I guess the older residents are what make Sidmouth more 'genteel' or so I've read. Topsham looks lovely too but again what to do about secondary schools, we are not churchgoers so St Peters would be hard to get into and where else is ok?

MrGeresHamster Tue 04-Sep-12 13:56:24

Yes, but that genteelness is reflected in the shops/entertainment for younger residents or families. Sidmouth has some very amusing shops! It has a great folk festival though if you are into that! It is lovely but it's best to be aware.

Not an expert on schools as DS is far too small! Have you looked at the ofsted reports? The Kings at Ottery I've heard good things about.

I think in that area you pay a premium for being on the sea and you have an influx of tourists in the summer with quiet winters. I prefer the estuary or inland as you are less dictated by tourism but have great access to the sea. There is a coast path that is being linked around the estuary so there are lots of river walks and great pubs to stop off in.

I personally an not a fan of Exmouth but don't let my opinion on it sway you. Its a typical seaside resort with the ups and downs that that brings...

girlgonemild Tue 04-Sep-12 16:16:42

Topsham is definitely the way to go. Look into the secondary school thing. You'd be fairly close to St Peter's. You might also have a shot at Colyton Grammar?
I wouldn't live in Exmouth as it's a bit average and rough around the edges. Ottery is cute but floods all the time. Honiton is further in land but a good option. Also Sidmouth or Clyst St Mary perhaps. I like places like Newton Poppleford from driving through but no idea about living there. Budleigh Salterton might also suit although like Sidmouth it maybe a bit old and quiet for a young family.

lovethesun1 Tue 04-Sep-12 16:27:56

I personally would find Sidmouth too quiet,it has a mainly elderly population (it is a nice,quiet seaside town tho). Exmouth has more in the way of restaurants & has had a fair bit of investment,but still seems a bit rough around the edges imo.

I love Budleigh,although the town is pretty small & housing can be pricey. It's beautiful though.

Topsham is nice but pricey in terms of houses & most local restaurants. Handy for Exeter tho.

I don't know Honiton or Ottery brilliantly,both seem nice enough.

How about Woodbury Salterton or Exeter outskirts? Can't help on schools as no experience yet I'm afraid!

It's v v difficult to make such a big decision without a visit! Different people love different things,the above are purely my opinion & I hope I haven't offended anyone! Devon is so beautiful,I hope you are able to make a decision.

Jumbs Wed 05-Sep-12 13:41:13

lavender the school is big but split into two sites, upper and lower. So the first three years are based on the lower site and later two years plus sixth form based on the upper site. Although obviously some classes are held on the other site, lunches etc are taken on the site where your child is based. I actually like/d the fact that everyone in the town goes to the same school, none of the "we are better than you because we go to X school" (unless you go private or out of area!) rivalry that you get elsehere.
I agree exmouth is a bit rough round the edges but thats what makes it less genteel than the other places mentioned. Budleigh would be disctinctly dull for teenagers! Topsham is lovely but very expensive housing wise.
Honiton might be worth a look. I don't know it well but someone I know relocated from Bristol to there (after a short stint renting in ottery) and loves it. They don't have school age children anymore though.

Lavendersbluedillydilly1969 Thu 06-Sep-12 14:16:24

Thank you so much everyone, it's not getting any easier to make a decision though confused
We like topsham, ottery and sidmouth and a friend has mentioned seaton is ok too with good schools etc. I think we need to make a list of possible schools and make some calls, that might help clarify things. We are in the process of getting valuations etc on house so we will have a better idea by next week of the potential mortgage we'll need.

Topshamite Tue 15-Jan-13 14:18:55

Hi. Just wondering what you decided to do? I'm moving to Topsham soon and can't wait!

xXSharonXx Sun 17-Nov-13 18:38:26

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4Laurie Tue 23-Aug-16 01:50:04

Hi there, I am trying to move back to UK from NZ and keep thinking about Sidmouth, where did you end up - my mum whizzed past Sidmouth college, stopped in and thought it was very friendly. Any thoughts/advice welcome!

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