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Surveyors in Durham/NE?

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CharminglyOdd Sat 01-Sep-12 10:01:25

We looked at a house this morning and there are cosmetic issues (repossession) including carpets, walls, absolutely reeking of smoke and the garden, but I also noticed some water damage to one of the ceilings. Neither of us has bought a house before but when I asked the other day someone kindly explained the stages and said the next step would be a surveyor.

How do we go about finding a good one please - can anyone recommend someone in/near Durham? - and how much does it cost? There is an offer already on the house which is pretty high considering (IMO - looking at other houses in the street that are in better nick) so DP doesn't want to offer over the odds just because there is time pressure. Estate agents say they are desperate to get more for the house so they are packing in viewings today despite taking it off rightmove yesterday.

Any help appreciated smile

CaptainWentworth Sun 02-Sep-12 12:56:30

We recently bought our first house in Newcastle, and like you were a bit unsure about how to go about choosing a surveyor (and a solicitor, and getting a mortgage...!). I think we started by doing a bit of Googling and looking on the RICS website for surveyors in the area, then fired off email enquires to the 3 or 4 most likely looking candidates asking about costs. We then chose the firm we used based on how helpful/ professional they'd been in their communications, while also considering cost.

We went with Smith Marston in the end, who have offices in Hexham and Newcastle. We were pleased with the service; our surveyor seemed to know his stuff and was happy to spend quite a while on the phone to me discussing his findings in detail. He also went back to crawl around under the floorboards to investigate possible damp, although that cost us a bit extra.

Also look on the RiCS website for their guide to the different types of survey available; we went for a full survey as our house is over 100 years old, but you may be happy with the cheaper and less detailed homebuyers report.

Good luck!

CharminglyOdd Sun 02-Sep-12 18:10:01

Thank you! We did more research yesterday and actually the house is still cheap-ish. Trying to get everything lined up, like you said, is bewildering! I have spoken to someone who has experience of damp problems and, as the house is nearly new (2006), it should be covered by the national building guarantee (or something similar) for major problems so their advice was to make an offer without a surveyor and get one in if the offer is accepted.

I am looking on the RICS website now, it's really informative thank you! smile

crazyaccountant Sun 02-Sep-12 20:29:40

Hi, I had a homebuyers survey on my recent purchase by JW Wood in Durham city, found their report good and they picked up on areas that I expected (I knew the house so knew the problem areas but wanted survey to tick a box long story!)
They also left me with contact details if I wanted to discuss any of the details of the report when it arrived. Only took a few days from survey for report to arrive so good turn around time I thought! If you need any other contacts I'm close to Durham so can perhaps help just shout!

CharminglyOdd Sun 02-Sep-12 20:54:11

Ooh crazyaccountant that's great, thanks smile I have seen JW Wood before am a rightmove addict so will give them a call tomorrow. Turnaround time also sounds good.

Since you offered... do you have any recommendations for a conveyancing solicitor please? I started a thread in Mumsnet Legal asking what I should look for and the consensus was get a recommendation.

crazyaccountant Sun 02-Sep-12 21:18:30

Yes! She is bloody brilliant I will PM you, my parents and 3 friends of mine have all used her in the past 6 months from my recommendation and have been so pleased as she will do contact via email which saves so much time also which is a godsend! If you are a first time buyer tell her and she will make sure she keeps you on track etc!

user1482423262 Thu 22-Dec-16 16:19:19

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