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Thinking of moving to Frome and really need advice on good middle schools!

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maisymiddleton Mon 23-Jul-12 19:01:48

Hello, I'm moving back to UK after many years of living abroad with my 11 year old daughter and desperately seeking advice! Have looked at lots of different areas around UK but Frome has come highly recommended by friends who grew up here, but they are not "in the know" anymore to recommend good middle schools, any suggestions?
Many thanks!

GooseyLoosey Tue 24-Jul-12 13:56:14

Don't know any good schools there, but like the area a lot. Hope the move goes well.

fussychica Tue 24-Jul-12 15:56:54

We have recently moved to Warminster after 8 years in Spain. Can't advise on schools as DS just finished 1st year of uni. We had no ties to the area and came across it by chance - love it. Like both Warminster and Frome. Use Asda & M&S Food in Frome for a change from Waitrose here in Warminster.
Good luck in your quest for info and your move. Have you tried a post under one of the education sections?

onesandwichshort Tue 24-Jul-12 18:40:06

Have sent PM - oh, and just seen the age of your daughter in which case what I have said is relevant. It is very nice here, but the schooling is quite, um, variable. Do ask any questions you like!

Itsboywonder Tue 24-Jul-12 20:49:27

As your daughter is 11 have you looked at Writhlington School? It's 11-19 and quite a few people from Frome who do not like the middle school system send their children there.

maisymiddleton Tue 24-Jul-12 23:08:32

Thanks to everyone for your feedback, am new to mumsnet and it's great to see how quickly people respond, so helpful! So what's wrong exactly with the middle schools in Frome?!! What is Writhlington school like? Is their good transport links to the school, or would I be expected to drive (won't have a car initially when I arrive..)??

IAmOptimusPrime Wed 25-Jul-12 09:04:33

I think you would have to drive to Writhlington as I think you are only entitled to a free place on the bus if it is your nearest catchment school. Although you could pay for the bus?

I know lots of parents with children at Selwood and a few who have sent their kids private instead of sending them to Selwood. It is a huge middle school. 700 pupils aged 9-13.

I think the size puts some people i know off but then their children are coming from small village schools so it can be a bit scary. The other middle school is oakhill but I don't know anything about that one. All down to catchment area.

There are some good infant schools, Trinity and St Johns.

I would check your favourite school catchment and look for a house that falls within it, I learnt about this problem the hard way!

Feel free to pm me with any questions. I now live in Bath but used to live 2 miles from Frome and have lots of friends in the surrounding villages.

Oh also have a look on mumsnet local - Bath page as I'm sure there was a Frome post on there a while ago (unless that was you!).

IAmOptimusPrime Wed 25-Jul-12 09:11:06

Also Bradford on Avon is nice and the schools there are good too. They are busy building a new development in the town so lots of new housing. They follow the standard 5-11 primary then St Laurence is 11-18.

And just remembered there is a new free school in Frome (Steiner I think) that runs up to 18. A friend is sending her dc there in September.

onesandwichshort Wed 25-Jul-12 10:12:25

Oh, and if you have any catholic connections, the local Catholic secondary in Trowbridge, St Augustines, has a very good reputation too.

The Steiner is only going up to Yr4 when it opens, so not much help.

Itsboywonder Wed 25-Jul-12 19:28:00

I would agree with the find a school then buy a house in the catchment advice, we are moving from Frome to Wells for that very reason.

There is a 'parent bus' that transports students from Frome to Writhlington that is paid for by the parents.

Good luck OP there are lots of lovely places to live in the area and it's a great place to live.

onesandwichshort Wed 25-Jul-12 22:40:45

is that for primary or secondary, if you don't mind a nosy question?

krdcooper Wed 01-Aug-12 18:07:52

Hi, found this thread via google. I am moving to Frome in next few weeks and my son goes to writhlington. Can someone please help me with buses/the parent bus mentioned please?
Its really important I keep him there xxx

maisymiddleton Thu 30-Aug-12 11:46:00

hello krdcooper, haven't looked at mumsnet for a while...but do you have any news regarding school bus from frome to writhlington, as I'm also interested!

onesandwichshort Thu 30-Aug-12 11:54:32

There is a normal bus service which goes from Frome to Midsomer Norton, which seems to have school-hours departures which go via the grounds:

Hope this helps

krdcooper Sun 27-Jan-13 20:08:04

Hiya. I use the parent pay coach or my son to go to Writhlington it's 55 a month but so much easier than fighting for normal bus! It gets packed xx

BikeRunSki Sun 27-Jan-13 20:13:37

There is the gloriously named Sexey's School! ( think this may only be 6th form).

ThermalKaty Tue 29-Jan-13 09:25:38

My daughter is in year 8 at Oakfield & we haven't had any issues with the school, also have friends with kids at Selwood who really like it. I think the middle school system is great as it moves the kids on at a good stage in their lives - at 9 from the small schools & village atmosphere, then at 13 when they're ready for a challenge. I prefer that to one daunting move at 11. At 13 the move to the only 'big' school can be worrying but the new Head at Frome College seems to be pretty inspirational, though as yet fairly unproven! For my older boys one got on well there & the other didn't.

Regarding Writhlington, they have a reputation for great facilities and are very strict with kids. For some this means they achieve more but one of my friends moved her daughter out because it was too stressy for her. Gossip suggests they have some rather petty rules.

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