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Move to Oxfordshire - your experience and knowledge appreciated

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AmethystMoon Fri 13-Jul-12 19:38:26

We are moving to Oxfordshire due to job relocation. We need to live in south Oxfordshire due to location of job. Can anyone please tell me what areas are nice but affordable? Will need a 3 bed house not more than £250k.
Thank you

Sinkingfeeling Sun 15-Jul-12 00:31:32

Whereabouts is the job based, and what would be your maximum commute? I'm in Oxford city, but might be able to suggest some places. smile

libbyssister Sun 15-Jul-12 01:17:00

I live in South Oxfordshire. You're going to have to keep away from the South-east corner of Oxon as that's pricey but Abingdon/Didcot/Wantage areas are nice. That's where I live and love it, lots of countryside but not far from amenities. You'll be at the top of your budget though. How far south do you need to be? Have you considered Newbury? Might get more for your money there and they've spangley new shops smile

AmethystMoon Sun 15-Jul-12 04:17:26

sinkingfeeling one job in kiddlington and one in Guildford (me & DP). Commute will be what it will be I just need to be able to plan ahead. Thank you smile

Gular Fri 26-Oct-12 21:47:22

Where did you eventually choose? We are moving to south oxfordshire too but need top decide where

Alad Sun 28-Oct-12 17:32:45

Try Woodcote. Cheaper than Goring, good schools and great community.

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 30-Oct-12 08:52:29

Woodcote not cheap, though. Too close to Reading. grin Didcot has nice 3 bed homes on the Ladygrove Estate (which is nice) for possibly your budget. But it's not a cheap part of the country to live in. sad Abingdon also has houses on that budget.

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 30-Oct-12 08:52:51

Whoops sorry, old thread! grin

Rollmops Tue 30-Oct-12 21:38:59

Used to live in SOxon and apart from Reading, which one should avoid at all costs, can't think of a place you could get something nice for that price. However, I'm sure I'll be corrected.
Good luck.

Rollmops Tue 30-Oct-12 21:41:30

Oops, Reading, of course in in Berks.

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