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Boilers/megaflow - help!! I am getting bamboozled.

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Loueytb3 Fri 06-Jul-12 14:30:27

Having extension (hopefully) built next month and we need a new boiler. I've had 3 quotes from different plumbers, all of which are totally different. I think part of it is to do with the different specs of the boilers. We are in a 4 bed 2 bath house.

Plumber 1 - quoted for a Vaillant Eco Tec 428 condensing boiler
Plumber 2 - quoted for a Vaillant Eco Tec plus 630 HE condensing boiler
Plumber 3 - quoted for a Worcester 37kw system boiler

Plumber 1 is the cheapest, plumber 3 is the most expensive. Plumbers 2&3 have said we need to power flush but plumber 2 can't do it and nor can his mate as our house is too big. He said it would cost at least £500 to do it properly. Plumber 3 included powerflushing in the quote.

I can't work out what spec boiler we actually need. Does anyone know roughly what spec boiler for that size house?

Also, plumber 3 brought up whether we want to install mega flow at the same time. We currently have a tank in the loft. I don't really understand the advantages of having it and it will cost an additional £3K shock. If however there are definite benefits to having it then we might well fork out for it now rather than in the future.

Has anyone had a similar system installed who can talk to me about it, or are there any plumbers about?

yomellamoHelly Fri 06-Jul-12 14:51:27

You have my sympathy! We were given lots of options too making it very difficult to compare.
We had a vaillant system fitted 3 years ago. Worcester Bosch are the best you can buy, but vaillants pretty good too. Can't tell you difference between 1 and 2. We have your second option. We have megaflow cylinder too, but had option of adding later for £900 (two people gave us that price). Will be adding third bathroom to house next year though so decided to get it over and done with.

yomellamoHelly Fri 06-Jul-12 14:52:43

Controls on vaillants very complicated. Drives us mad every so often. Less so now we're more familiar with it. Not sure what Worcester Bosch ones like.

Loueytb3 Sat 07-Jul-12 18:37:06

£900 is a lot cheaper than 3k! If it was only that much we wouldn't hesitate to put it in now. Worcester bosch came out better on Which I think. The other 2 plumbers say they use Vaillant because they come with a 5yr guarantee but so does Worcester at the moment.

Amydubai Wed 01-Jul-15 11:27:21

Hello all, we have been put up with a similar situation for a mega flow. We shave been told to change our old vintage iron cast radiators as the megaflow wouldn't work properly with it. And have given us a cost of 10000£ which is ridiculous. Can someone suggest a good plumber and an estimated cost for a 4bedroom house 2 bath. For some reason our pipes are outside the walls visible.

PigletJohn Wed 01-Jul-15 11:57:07

suggest you start a new thread with your own Q.

You will have to say where you are if you want recommendations.

An unvented cylinder such as a Megaflo can work with iron radiators.

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