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Planning permission to convert attached garage???

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BlogOnTheTyne Wed 20-Jun-12 13:26:03

Can anyone tell me if I need full planning permission to convert an already partially converted, attached garage to a downstairs reception room? (A surveyor recently suggested we could do this for around £5,000)

The previous owners informally used it as a 'den' and have an old (currently not working) gas fire and what I think is hardboard covering walls, carpet tiles on floor etc and a skylight, plus bed platform accessed by ladder. As far as I know, they never got planning permission and so the room doesn't count as 'residential purposes' - only as 'storage'/garage. But their teenage children used to live in it as an annexe, some years ago (It has an internal door that leads onto a hallway, shower/toilet/ cloakroom area in the house.)

It'd need fitting out properly to make it liveable - especially in the winter and possibly need a window at the front too. DCs currently use it to store toys/ summer playroom.

I know nothing about planning permission but I do know that the neighbours (not attached) on that side of our property are very difficult and we've not been on speaking terms for the last 2 years.

I guess I'm wondering about the feasibility of turning this room into a proper reception room but not at all wanting to face hassle from neighbours, IF that might be the case (although we happily accepted their extension on that side a few yrs ago, with no complaint).

Is it a major deal to change an attached garage into a reception room? What kind of planning permission do we need and what else should we be considering?

cantspel Wed 20-Jun-12 13:46:43

Most wont need planning permission unless you intend to increase the size of the garage. You will need building regulations though.
Have a word with your local building control officer at your council.

nunnie Wed 20-Jun-12 14:11:05

I am converting my Garage into a Kitchen/utility/toilet.
We did get planning permission but not sure if we would have needed to if we weren't having more work done, also adding new double garage and 2 extra bedrooms. Our garages were detached from the house.

As someone has said it will be worth ringing LA and asking.

Seeline Wed 20-Jun-12 14:19:25

It depends how old the garage is. If it is relatively modern and built as part of the original house, or if it is a more recent addition which required planning permission itself there may be a condition on the relevant planning permission which restricts its use to that of garage. Permission would therefore be required to remove that condition. This is unlikely if it is pre-1970s or didn't need planning permission. Your local council will be able to tell you. You will need Building Regulation approval to carry out the conversion works.

Fizzylemonade Sun 24-Jun-12 14:39:35

You will definitely need building regs (we have converted our double garage into a playroom) so the building regs makes sure the floor is properly insulated and with ours we retained a store to the rear of both garages so there is a fire door.

You may need planning for change of use. We have had all of our permitted development taken away - we are in a house built in 1999 and so we had to apply for planning permission but didn't need to pay grin

The one thing we did which I am really glad we did was our dining room is the only room at the front of the property. We had the 2 new windows for the garage conversion made into the same size and style as the dining room window rather than fitting them to the openings left by removing the garage doors. It means that it doesn't look like a garage conversion. The only thing that gives that away is the brickwork above the windows as the bricks are vertical.

yodpet Tue 14-May-13 17:29:47

I live in Southwood Lane Highgate N6 and would like to convert the garage into living room area. I have to change the garage door too. My two neighbours at the same row of houses, town house, have converted the garages into study rooms already. I intend to change the garage door to be exactly like theirs. I emailed the council in 2011 asked if I needed the permission, they said no in the email. I also attached the picture of the garage door both mine and theirs. Now 2013, I have enough money to do the work now. Do you think I can use that email to back me up?. This is in case my next door neighbour who is not an easy person complains. The 3 houses next to him have already changed the garage door. Please help and advise, I am so desperate. I am a widow, not English, and has no one.

yodpet Tue 14-May-13 17:34:54

Hi, it is me again in Southwood Lane. The house was build in 1967.

flow4 Tue 14-May-13 21:15:33

yodpet, you need to start a new thread to get your questions answered. smile If you ask here, you won't get much attention, and if you do, you'll divert attention away from Blog's questions. it can get confusing and a bit annoying, with no-one quite sure who's answering which questions!

It's not difficult to do: just copy what you've written here, go to the main Property board, click on 'Start a new thread', and paste your text in. You can edit it if you like before you post it. smile

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