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Need help deciding Farrow&Ball paint colors

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morningdove Thu 17-May-12 19:31:36

Hi there, I'm new to the board and have recently fell in love with Farrow & Ball paints. It's to expensive for me to hire a consultant. We are refinishing my hardwood floors in either a natural or light cherry. My furniture is traditional-kind of eclectic. I have an open floor plan with the living room and dinning room that adjoin to one another with a slight asymetrical arch. My hallway is across from my living room. My living room faces west and my dinning room faces east. It's not the greatest amount of light. I currently have both the dinning room & living rm. yellow, so I would love a change. I am having extreme difficulty trying to pick out a color scheme that would flow. I would like to have a calming relaxed feeling in the rooms. The living rm. & dinning rm. are 16 ft. by 10ft totalling 32 by 20 ft.

I don't like whites as a choice for a room since it would not compliment my furniture. My couch is sage & my furniture is Queen Anne, kinda of a brownish red. I would love to send pix's but I don't know how.

I love color but I would love any suggestions, My hallway can't go too dark as it would look like a cave. The only 3 shades I would stay away from is any whites on walls, yellows & would prefer to stay away from any buff colors.

I was thinking of painting both living rm.& dinning rm hardwick white and the hallway elephant's breath and the base board and cove cornforth white. I'd love to have the adjoining rooms different colors but since it's pretty much an open floor plan it might turn out looking like a school. I'm hiring a painter and there's no money in the budget for mistakes and every painter I've asked won't advise.

The colors I love are calluna, borrowed light, blue ground but I think it might look to much like bedroom colors. I also like greys. I can only afford a few sample pots so I have to be pretty certain and I am all over the map.

I'm sorry for this ridiculously long letter but any suggestions would be so appreciated. Many many thanks.

bristolcities Thu 17-May-12 22:44:28

You obviously have a very good eye and I don't think you need any advice! All the choices you have made are great, I use them all on a daily basis bar elephants breath. I really like dove tale too, but might not be right on a big scale. Really impressed with your pallet choice there all classic colours with out being country living, very classy. Ooh actually I think blue ground is too dark! I would personally go a little lighter.

AgnesBligg Fri 18-May-12 00:29:24

I agree your choices are beautiful. I also love blue ground - I would turn my hallway into a cave just to enjoy the colour.

Staverton Fri 18-May-12 00:43:44

Sorry to hijack- would dovetail be nice on a a bathroom with white tiles on two walls and paint on two walls?

Staverton Fri 18-May-12 00:44:05

Sorry qu was to bristolcities...

morningdove Fri 18-May-12 16:14:54

Thank you Bristolcities &AgnesBligg for your encouraging words. You are very kind. Staverton--no worries I hope your bathroom turns out beautiful.

Would you paint elephant's breath in any of the 3 rooms?. I'm not sure if I should just paint the living rm. & dinning room the same color. Hardwick in both rooms looks like a sage and smoked trout appears like a coffee. Hardwick white in hallway looks very muddy & dark. If anyone has any suggestions for all 3 rooms I would be over the moon. Many Thanks.

Staverton Fri 18-May-12 20:29:17

Have just got a load of tester pots today. Elephants breath is lovely and warm and I think would work well in a hallway. Dovetail also nice, a bit greyer. I also got welcome dark in little greene paint co which is like a warm light grey and the paint feels nicer generally (20% off if you buy this months living etc!)

Little green french grey is all nice- look at the blog colporter to see it on her bathroom panelling.

morningdove Fri 18-May-12 20:42:45

After much fretting, these are the latest choices(Yikes this could change by tonight). Hardwick white for living room. Smoked Trout for dinning rm. Hallway -Old White, baseboard & cove limewhite. I haven't decided on the ceiling but think a hint of color would be nice. I'm not thrilled with these choices and I am concerned that the hardwick & smoked trout might make the open floor plan appear too cave like.

The real problem is my home is far from the beautiful homes depicted in the Farrow& Ball book. I'm living only in my mind in the beautiful homes with all the furnishings & accents. But after it's all said & done at least I'll have beautiful walls! I still very much welcome any suggestions. Thank you for all of your help.

bristolcities Sun 20-May-12 09:46:28

Actually dovetale was almost the exact colour my aunt had been searching for for her bathroom, i think it would be great. I think it comes out slightly lighter than on the chart and slightly less purple in dimm light. Limewhite is the BEST cream along with the slightly lighter Clunch that I have ever found, not even a hint of gardenia or magnolia, lovely. Quick tip for any one wanting Farrow and Ball, my local second hand furniture charity does 5 litre tins of most colours for £10 each. F and B often do this with there seconds, an at that discount its almost worth a bit of a drive.

Staverton Sun 20-May-12 10:20:45

Thanks for that bristol. I love the colour- just wish there was a LG equivalent as apparently the paint is better (and cheaper!)
Where are you? Which charity shop is it?

bristolcities Sun 20-May-12 13:22:09

I do on occasion get my paint copied at Johnstones, because they dont sell the paint they will replicate it almost exactly. Will pm you the details of the charity shop smile

Staverton Sun 20-May-12 14:14:40

Thanks bristolcities!!

claudedebussy Sun 20-May-12 18:39:40

i've just used borrowed light and it really is gorgeous. it's a very pale bluey grey depending on the light and the room. it's on the ceiling in my porch (it has a dome in so looks nice rather than naff (sounds even more wierd)) and it's on one wall in my hall.

as a veteran of choosing paint colours i can't stress enough that you should get the tester pots and paint them on the wall. you will be shocked at how colours change depending on the light and shadows being reflected in a room. it makes a huge difference.

i made a mistake and painted two rooms on the basis of using the chart and it was a disaster. if i'd just bought the tester pot i'd have saved a small fortune.

Barnbrook Tue 25-Mar-14 03:50:17

Try using paintsamples co uk. They sell any Farrow and Ball colour ready painted onto handy, portable, no mess, eco friendly A4 sized cards for a lot less than the price of a pot.

Blackeyez09 Tue 25-Mar-14 08:00:54

Does anyone have details of these shops selling the reduced farrow and ball paint

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