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Is Travertine marble the new avocado suite?

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tak1ngchances Sat 05-May-12 11:44:57

I have picked out travertine marble tiles for the floor and bath panel of our family bathroom. Tiler came to do a cost estimate for the job y'day and said "everyone is getting those, they will date your house dreadfully in a few years' time".
I am thinking, shit - is travertine the next avocado suite?

Thoughts? And any alternative suggestions...we have a blank slate.

TheCrackFox Sat 05-May-12 11:53:47

Dunno really but I have to say I think it looks lovely. Realistically anything you choose now will date badly in 20yrs time so you may as well choose something you love.

SwedishEdith Sat 05-May-12 12:06:01

It is faddy. Nearly bought a house where the only room that had been done was the bathroom and it was done like this, which did put me off.

insancerre Sat 05-May-12 12:09:04

I hate it. I would rather have an avocado suite than that bloody travertine marble that every other bathroom in the whole country has got (and every hotel bathroom too)
Sorry, rant over. Don't really have any suggestions except you can't go wrong with white grin

TeWiDoesTheHulaInHawaii Sat 05-May-12 12:15:29

I think it is a bit faddy - but I also don't think it's particularly offensive, in that most buyers would happy to live with it because it is fairly neutral.

I also think it really doesn't matter if you intend to live in your house for a long time - you should have what you want.

Staverton Sat 05-May-12 12:17:15

Yes I think they are already dated.

I would go for painted white floor boards or plain white / cream
Tiles - see fired earth vita.

Next question- do you think white metro roles will or are already dated? Not for whole bathroom just behind bath. See fired earth architecture white.

insancerre Sat 05-May-12 12:19:18

no, I like white metro tiles and don't think they will look outdated, as they are timeless.

Pascha Sat 05-May-12 12:21:47

I cannot for one moment imagine refusing to buy a house on the strength of the bathroom decor. My criteria would be: is the bathroom in an ok state? Yes, great we'll consider redec next year; No, ok we'll factor that into the offer price.

Definitely not: God its travertine! No way can we buy this otherwise perfect house for us. hmm

So my opinion basically is - if you like it, then have it.

monkeymoma Sat 05-May-12 12:22:43

I think they're already dated

SwedishEdith Sat 05-May-12 12:23:51

I think white metro tiles are more of a classic look especially in a 1920s/1930s house and that's not just because I have some, honest Anyway, they are cheaper to replace if you only use them for part of the wall. I get the feeling travertine is quite expensive? But I do agree, if you like it, you should use it. Even if you were selling soon, most people are not that well up of DIY trends. Plenty of people still put big flowery wallpaper on their chimney breast despite mn deciding that was passe about 5 years ago.

Catsmamma Sat 05-May-12 12:26:08

white for bathrooms! I hate all this fakey look stone, and imo unless your bathroom is huge it just doesn't work

ggirl Sat 05-May-12 12:26:10

they're nice.. but absolutely everywhere and a bit too hotel-like imo

but no idea what to suggest...avocado maybe?

CiderwithBuda Sat 05-May-12 12:27:31

Everything dates.

Everything will be the avocado suite one day.

ggirl Sat 05-May-12 12:27:40

Is colour not coming back into fashion now after years of dull neutral shades everywhere

Staverton Sat 05-May-12 12:28:00

Thank you and phew re white tiles!

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 05-May-12 12:29:57

Funnily enough I had bathroom designer round this week and she said exactly that about travertine.

I'm planning on white metro tiles on some of the walls but unsure about floor. I do like the pale limestone look and if just on the floor - I think thats fairly timeless really.

But you know pretty much everything dates and I do think its best to just choose what you like if you plan on staying in the house for a while.

ggirl Sat 05-May-12 12:33:29

I htink if you stick to white and only tile half way up the wall then it leaves you the option of changing the look with paint or wallpaper.

ggirl Sat 05-May-12 12:34:51

I'm not keen on metro tiles...too institutional and remind me or urinals

Staverton Sat 05-May-12 12:48:46

The f earth ones are Matt rather than gloss and look better
Bathrooms are so bloody hard. I've ripped out hundreds of pics from living etc and Elle deco and still can't find one I love

Any suggestions?
Was planning vita (v pale creamy white plain Matt porcelain floor tiles), white Matt metro around bath and half way up wall under sink then a grey or green/grey some kind of farrow and ball shade on walls

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 05-May-12 12:56:58

Staverton - I'm having the same problem.

I know I want the duravit happy d fixtures and white metro tiles partly on walls and similar colours to you on the walls but its the details like flooring/mirror/storage that I'm struggling with.

I don't want wood flooring as have 3 small children and it just wouldn't be practical so think I will end up having some type of limestone . . . Need to go into Mandarin Stone and ponder I think.

SpringHeeledJack Sat 05-May-12 12:57:07

can you link to your tiles, chances? I'm having a Tile Dilemma meself

I had metro tiles in my last kitchen 8+ years ago

now the caff down the road has em grin

now I fancy German jura beige limestone. I know it looks hotel-y, but I reeeeallly like hotels

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 05-May-12 12:58:31

I do rather like these

Off to google Spring's tiles . . .

SpringHeeledJack Sat 05-May-12 12:58:51

actually metro tiles wouldn't work for you anyway, would they- it's floors you're looking at?

SpringHeeledJack Sat 05-May-12 13:03:34

I had a look on google to do a linky, Mrs, but they all looked a bit gloomy

however I have a real sample which we're using as a soap dish hmm and it's rather lovely

popstar Sat 05-May-12 13:04:51

£99/sq metre for travertine?! We paid £21/sq metre for the tiles on our kitchen floor from a good local stonemason. I always think quality natural materials don't really date, but I suppose you can overdo it.

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