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Are KBBC reviews the real McCoy?

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GirlsInWhiteDresses Wed 18-Apr-12 22:02:34

KBBC kitchens get 5 starts on reviewcentre and glowing reviews so I was very impressed.

I then tried to download a brochure and was asked if I wanted to maximise my discount by participating in the "KBBC's Recommendation and PR campaign". How I wonder about those reviews..

I would love to hear from others who used this company and can tell me what this KBBC's Recommendation and PR campaign is. Or is this company really as good as people say?


annalouiseh Wed 18-Apr-12 23:09:16

Just looked at it, looks very suspect...
My dh use to sell for them, says they are flat pack and you have to be careful what door you select, there are some nice quality ones but then there are some shocking.
they will also be quite pricey for what your getting as have many in the food chain

GirlsInWhiteDresses Fri 20-Apr-12 23:01:13

Annalouiseh - thanks for that insider knowledge.. I have decided to discount them as I really hate a hard sell and I've heard they won't leave your house until you agree to buy. I'd rather pay more and get a more relaxed service. I simply don't believe those reviews now.

annalouiseh Fri 20-Apr-12 23:27:07

girlsinwhitedresses - you will prob pay less and get better for your buck

endlesslypatient Mon 21-May-12 16:03:14

I wouldn't trust them based on our experience We've had (and are still having) a nightmare with KBBC. I looked at all the reviews and they sounded impressive so got them to do my bedroom. Three months after they ripped everything out I'm still waiting for the wardrobes! The room is a mess and our clothes and possessions are all over the spare room. I've now posted my experience on Review Centre to balance out the views!

PigletJohn Tue 22-May-12 01:18:52

and are your comments still visible? Let us know if they disappear.

A link would be interesting.

tosyne123 Mon 01-Dec-14 09:45:41

oh no. please stay away from kbbc. i paid for my kitchen in August and this is December. its been one story after the other, and they are not even trying to help. its either some parts are not fully delivered or the installer for all sorts of weird reasons is unavailable to complete the job. the kitchen wont even be complete for christmas. my husband wrote a review but his review was removed. he got an email saying his review has been 'randomly selected' for a review and so was removed. how very random. They are a really useless company.

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