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Independent kitchen designer?

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Iggly Thu 05-Apr-12 13:03:55

We're planning to get an ikea kitchen but use different worktops and source the tiles/floor elsewhere.

I wondered if anyone had used an independent kitchen designer to help? I've only found either design services attached to certain brands of kitchen but I'd like one that covers any range. I thought about using Ikea but am not hopeful theyll do what I want.

Any ideas?

annalouiseh Thu 05-Apr-12 14:07:25

Hi there Iggly

My dh designs and supplies hi end kitchens, they will be more than Ikea due to the quality but on par with what other sheds offer in terms of cost.
he has no limitations with design and has over 150 standard kitchens and a bespoke section where you can have anything and everything.
what he doesnt do is supply foil/vinyl doors on the gloss side of things like ikea etc. all are lacquered as last longer better finish.
All units are delivered pre-built inc door and drawer fronts fitted saving time and snags with fitting and a stronger unit.
all hinges and drawer fiittings are Blum (top end)
Also offer fitting if in the areas he covers but he does supply only nationally and locally.
let me know if you would like his help and ill forward his email to you.
At present he's working with 3/5 mumnetters off here.



fresh Thu 05-Apr-12 14:44:43

Have a look at this website - she will work anywhere in the country and with any manufacturer. Haven't used her but I like her approach.

potteringaround Thu 05-Apr-12 20:33:33

I have bought a kitchen design service from Marion who runs the website that fresh has linked to. I am still working with her and it has been a really positive experience. Prior to this, I had a kitchen design drawn up by a kitchen company but found that, since ultimately they want to sell me as many units as possible, I didn't end up with the best design for my space (since they spent very little time on it, this was inevitable). I also had a design produced by an independent kitchen company who I am still keen to have quote for the supply and fitting, but his design skills were woefully lacking and the plan he came up with showed it. (Still keen to talk to other kitchen companies so, annalouiseh, feel free to send me your DH's company's details).

I have done loads of my own research into kitchens, but realised that what I needed was an expert who could help me filter my ideas and advise me how to get the best of my space. I'm sure I would get this sort of service if I was buying a high end kitchen, but I don't have the budget for that and, since my kitchen is not straightforward, I've found that paying for an independent design service was the best route for me.

beebos Wed 16-Sep-15 20:32:21

These are all very wise words and especially the use of independent and flexible approaches. Similarly seeking Designer for Small Kitchen Layout with specific design characteristics. Great to hear from you all. Thankyou in anticipation. Its an old post above but maybe it can be resurrected; thus my comment here. ;-)

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